Saturday, January 29, 2011


sassy1This is not Sassy. This is Bennie.

A couple of years ago I discovered a blog written by a single woman who RV’s full time with her Harley. Her companion is the cutest ball of fluff named Bennie.

Denise (Sassy) had some problems and had to leave the road for awhile but I never did delete her blog from my blog list. So when she did get on the road again, up popped her posts. She is from Newfoundland so she can only spend six months down here in the states before she has to head back to Canada.

We started to e-mail and I invited her to join us in Yuma if she felt up to boondocking. At first she really wasn’t sure that she wanted to do that – she does like her hook ups. (That’s true with most of us but for a few weeks, boondocking is great.) She also is a loner and the thought of a whole bunch of people was rather overwhelming.

But I finally convinced her to give it a try. She didn’t have to park with the group. She could park further away and didn’t have to join in the big group activities unless she wanted to.

DSCN0284 We were already in Yuma and she told me when she would be arriving. I saw this Class C towing a trailer pull into our area and went out to wave to her. However, this Class C had two people in it and a guy on a motorcycle following behind them. I told Jim I just waved at the wrong people and decided to put our girls in the motor home. Came back out and here come these three people.

Definitely was Sassy and a couple of friends she had met on the road who wanted to keep her company until she got to Yuma. You can read more about this on her blog at

We have had a wonderful time getting to know Denise and Bennie. Needed to rescue her a couple of times (see her blog for details), and got to introduce her to our other Harley riding friend, Paul.

It really is a lot of fun when you finally get to meet people who have been reading your blog, or whose blog you’ve been reading. What a great life this is.


  1. It's always great putting a living person with a blog. :) I just met Randy and Pam Warner this morning...

  2. Those friends of hers probably rolled their eyes and said, "You are going WHERE?, and do WHAT?, and you've never even met these people????? What if it's all a scam and they will rob you, and who knows what else.

    As a solo I got this questioning from friends and family alike.

  3. Oh Sandie, I laughed so hard when I read this post. You nailed it !!

    BTW, You look FABULOUS sitting on the bike. First time seeing that pic, you'll have to e-mail it to me.

    I think I'm hooked on boondocking now....gotta love the price. More $$$ to spend on CHROME ! LOL

  4. Hey Sandie.....Jim has his boat now it's time for you to get a Harley! Ya looked pretty good on that monster!

    Paul (and Marsha)

  5. I wish she had joined in our group activities. We all missed a chance to make great new friends.


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