Wednesday, January 5, 2011


New Year’s Day we picked up a prescription for my aunt and took it over to her apartment.

IMG_0028 Doesn’t she look absolutely fantastic for 97!

She is part of the generation where women always dressed up. She hates to be seen without her jewelry and makeup on.

We told her we were going out to dinner with friends and she was excited that we were going to be able to get “gussied” up. It was kind of hard to tell her that we don’t “gussy” up anymore.

Her name is Norma but as a child her parents started to call her Happy because she was always a very happy child. And the nickname stuck. I must have been in my 20’s before I learned her name wasn’t really Happy. She was married to my Dad’s brother and they never had any children but she was a grade school teacher until she retired.

She is very sharp mentally as well as physically. She does use her walker because she doesn’t want to risk falling. She doesn’t need glasses and takes very few pills. Hates to have to take the ones she does take.

Sure hope we get to spend several more winters with her.


  1. I guess we're just young chicks to a 97-year old.

  2. She looks fantastic. Hope we can all be that lucky.

  3. My mother was so thrilled to have a girl after two boys that she gussied me up every chance she got. Can you imagine being a small child and having to stand still while Mom made my hair into long curls? Maybe that's why I never gussy up now. I learned comfort is more important to me.

  4. OMG 97 years and she looks fantastic! Glad you are getting to visit with her.


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