Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Eating and friends – what more could you want. Carol and Steve hadn’t met some of the people in this area, so I made arrangements for everybody to meet at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant. This restaurant came highly recommended by Jeri and we wanted to check it out.

IMG_0030 After the guys got home from fishing we headed to the restaurant to meet up with Erica and Karla, Sherry and Sharon, and Paul.

What a great group. We had a wonderful time visiting but they finally threw us out. Well not literally, but they had stacked all the chairs behind us on the tables so it was rather a large hint. We had only been there 2 1/2 hours but I guess that was long enough.

DSCN0166 Jeri, the food was really good but I want you to try Los Gringos Locos the next time you’re in the area. However, they don’t have the bean stuff for the chips and that was a definite hit with this crowd.


  1. Okay didn't we already go to Los Gringos Loco .... TOGETHER ??

  2. What a happy, happy group! Paul and I have gotten thrown out several times ourselves...LOL


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