Thursday, January 27, 2011


Denise just yelled at me because I hadn’t posted anything for so long so here goes. It’s just that we were so busy doing nothing that I just didn't have time to post.

But now I’m back in Apache Junction and I should have more “spare” time and I can get caught up. So prepare to be bombarded with posts.

I want to continue introducing you to some of the people who joined us in the desert outside Yuma. These pictures were taken the night we went out to dinner at Da Boyz Italian Cuisine. The food was really good and the service wonderful. This is definitely a place we would go back to again.

IMG_0199 Lee and Loralie

IMG_0201 Toni and Doug

IMG_0205 Jerry and Janice

IMG_0206 Lee


  1. You wanna hear me really YELL !! LOL
    And where's that pic Jim took of you and I ??

  2. Thanks again for the wonderful pictures, Sandie. Sure missed you guys....hopefully, next year!

    Paul (and Marsha)


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