Monday, January 10, 2011


IMG_0082 Jim plans on doing some fishing at Martinez Lake which is between Yuma and Quartzsite, so I drove the truck and towed the boat following behind the motor home.

It was a beautiful day for traveling even though it got off to kind of a rough start. We had been sitting in Apache Junction for seven weeks and our coach battery needed to be charged and all of the coach tires needed to be pumped up. So we were a little late getting out of town.

DSCN0177 But we finally made it to our Reunion Site. The actual address is Winterhaven, CA but Yuma is right next door to Winterhaven and better known so we usually call it the BLM out of Yuma.


Toni and Doug had arrived shortly before we did and after some looking around, we found a spot that should work out really well for the reunion.

DSCN0180 Several people are already in Yuma but they are in RV Parks in the area. Hopefully some of them will come out and join us this week.




DSCN0181 Jim had to go up on the roof to fix the TV antenna so while he was up there I had him take some pictures of the area. As you can see, we have lots of room available.


  1. How long will you be boondocking? Do you have solar panels?

  2. I hope you enjoy the meetup. We're planning on doing the Quartzsite / Yuma thing sometime in the future and reading everyone's posts on the locations keeps me itching to go!

  3. We'll be there Friday. It looks like we'll have to dodge more plants than we did in Quartzsite. Can we burn in our fire those that get in our way?

  4. Hi...Looks like the views are great! We will be coming to Yuma on Tuesday. Hope there is something planned for later in the week...looking forward to meeting everyone. The tour of the stadium looked great, we'll have to try it later. See you soon!

  5. Sandie: We are from the Class of 05 and we are at Sans End RV Park in Winterhaven. We would like to come out for happy hour some afternoon if drop-ins are welcome. Is 3:00 the regular time or will you be posting times later? I'll watch the forum and the class site. Thanks, Tom and Dianna (from SE Oklahoma)

  6. I'm really looking forward to getting there now. Can't wait. Did you save that spot for me that I marked on the pics in my Blog ?? LOL


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