Monday, January 17, 2011


One of the problems with our January Reunion is the fact that we are all too busy visiting to keep up with our blogs. At least I am.

DSCN0194 It’s really amazing how time flies by when you spend the day sitting outside visiting with old and new friends. The men seem to congregate in their circle and the women into theirs.


IMG_0100 The men are solving the problems of an RV world like solar, tires, batteries, and amperage. Women are so much more diverse – every topic is open for discussion and we seem to hit them all.


toni When we arrived on Sunday only Doug and Toni were here. By this Sunday we have 17 rigs parked in our area. (Carol took this picture and Toni posted it on her FB page, so I borrowed it. Isn’t it just wonderful.)

We have had several happy hours, finger food hours, a couple of pot lucks and an outing to the seafood buffet at the Q casino. Notice we continue with the food theme that you will find with any group of RVers.

DSCN0190 The first few days we were here the weather was cold and windy. Everybody was bundled up and nobody stayed outside very late.


  1. Thanks for using our picture Sandie and thanks to Carol for taking it. Great blog. I am going to share it with family.

  2. Well it might have been cold and windy, but I don't see any snow so life is good. Isn't it amazing how easily a day can slip past us and we haven't really been doing anything other than sitting, eating, and talking. Amazing.

    I can't seem to find time to blog or read blogs when I'm so busy doing nothing.


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