Wednesday, January 5, 2011


On Monday, we picked up my sister and her hubby, and Paul and headed out to Glendale to take a tour of the University of AZ stadium. I bought the tickets on line at Ticketmaster and our tour was at 12:30. Got to the ticket window and discovered that I had actually bought the tickets for the 10:30 tour on Thursday. How I did that, I’ll never know. But it’s very unusual for me to mess up because I check and double check those things.

Not a real big deal since we’re all retired with no set schedule, BUT, Glendale just happens to be 55 miles from Apache Junction. Oh well.

We figured since it was lunch time we might as well find a place and have a leisurely lunch before we headed home again.

IMG_0029 (2) There’s an area just north of the stadium that’s like a small downtown area with lots of different bars and restaurants. None of us had ever been to Jimmy Buffets Margaretville, so we all opted for lunch there. Really good food and we had a fun time just visiting. After lunch we dropped everybody off and came home.

We’re going to try again on Thursday to do the tour.

Oh, by the way, the boat is ready to go and the fishing trip is on for tomorrow.

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