Monday, February 22, 2010


It's been pouring rain all week-end and this morning was no exception. We needed to get our new microwave put in so we arrived at the RV dealership in the pouring rain. They said it would be about a half hour to an hour job so off we went for breakfast. Shortly after we got our breakfast the power went out and we finished eating in gloomy gray light.

Went back to pick up our home and found out that our generator wouldn't start. Seems a switch got busted while Jim was putting in the new batteries. No switch in stock. Drew (really great people) was trying to find one in town and not having any luck. Jim and I starting hitting all the auto parts stores we could find. Finally found what we needed at Camping World. Not exactly what we wanted but it will work for now. Got Drew to order the right part and we'll pick it up when we get back to Apache Junction.

We finally got out of town about 1:00. A little later than the 9:30 I had figured we'd be heading out. But we made it to Wickenburg and are camped at Constellation Park, a city park where you dry camp for $5 a night. It's a beautiful park that looks out over the valley and the town.

Had a great dinner at the Ranchero 7 restaurant. We wanted to go to the Berlin House because I read really great reviews for it on line. But it is closed and up for sale. Got back home in time for another beautiful AZ sunset.

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