Friday, February 12, 2010


I was craving a hamburger the other night, so I went on line and googled hamburger joints near Apache Junction. This one, at Lindsey & Broadway in Mesa, got rave reviews. I then informed Jim that this is where we were going for dinner. Didn't have to twist his arm - he likes to eat out as much as I do.
Giant Hamburgers is located in a strip mall and if I hadn't read such good reviews, probably would never have stopped here. But I am so glad we did. The hamburgers are fabulous. Exactly what I wanted. We also ordered a fry (really good) but we won't order them next time because the hamburgers are so big there isn't room for fries. We also shared a chocolate milk shake. I can hardly wait to go back again.
We also had the motorhome worked on yesterday. Got the stove burner working, the toilet seal sealing, the squeaky faucet not squeaky, windshield wipers rewired correctly and a few other things. They have to order a new microwave so I'm hoping it will be in next week. Didn't realize how often I used it until I couldn't use it. Didn't have to spent the night in the service bay. That's a good thing.
Spent some time visiting with my sister and her hubby and she fed us lunch. The weather is absolutely perfect. Lovin' life.


  1. OK, Giant Hamburgers is now on my list of places to visit next time we are in that area. Thanks.

  2. Golly, I'll have to remember this too. Obviously, we LOVE to eat at new and good places!


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