Monday, February 22, 2010


Time to summarize the last week or so. Jim has enjoyed his new boat so much and he even caught a fish. A nice size bass but he put it back so it can grow up and he can catch it again later.

I've done the usual things - laundry, read, try and get more Quartzsite sand out of the house, read, take the girls for walks.

We did get new batteries for the coach. But what a pain it was for Jim trying to get the old ones out and the new ones in. If you could pull them up through the step it would have been okay but the hole wasn't large enough. Several hours later, the job was finished and we are ready to boondock on our way to Pahrump.

We also had dinner with my sister and her hubby at our favorite Mexican Restaurant - Los Gringos Locos. The place is always packed with a waiting line but the food is excellent and worth the wait.

We're going to head towards Pahrump, NV with a stay in Las Vegas. I'm ready to head out for a few weeks.

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  1. Glad to see you are back blogging. I had been missing you! Sounds like you are ready to hit the road again for more adventure.


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