Tuesday, February 2, 2010


No we didn't buy a new motorhome but we did get this one washed on our way back to Apache Junction and it looks like a new motorhome. Instead of a brown color it's back to white. Now I need to really try and get the inside wiped down and clean. That is going to be a major challenge.

We stopped overnight in Quartzsite and this was our neighbor. I'm not sure what advantage it would be because you really give up a lot of space inside your home. But it certainly is an interesting looking rv.

As soon as we got set up in the Santa Fe RV Park Jim went tearing off to get his "new" boat. He is so excited about being able to go fishing he can hardly stand it. Hope the weather cooperates.

Need to get caught up on all the ordinary things - like having the girls' nails clipped, giving them baths, doing some shopping, visiting with my sister, and rearranging stuff in the house.

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