Monday, February 8, 2010


It's really hard to update a blog when you haven't been doing anything except the ordinary. Things like giving the girls a bath, shampooing the carpet, actually eating at home, reading a couple of books, laundry, grocery shopping and watching Jim work on his boat.

Jim finally got his boat water ready. He had to completely rewire all of the lights, get the new tires put on the trailer (brand new tires came with the boat), take out of the old seats and put in new ones and who knows what else.
So he is at Canyon Lake today having the time of his life. Wonder if he's catching or just fishing. He will come home happy either way.
The girls and I are having a relaxing day doing more of the usual. I had a migraine the last three days so I am really grateful that I'm feeling so much better today. I used to have migraines a couple of times a month and life was such a struggle to get through especially working. Now I only get a migraine once in awhile and I have no idea what triggers it. Do you suppose retiring helped cure me? Whatever it was, I am so happy.


  1. I believe being a full-time RVer has helped those migraines! Not much stress in this lifestyle! Isn't it great?

    Glad you updated your blog even with just the mundane stuff - I was wondering what you were up to.

  2. Dave used to get migraines nearly every weekend. He's only had a few since we hit the road in June 2008, so, yes, RVing gets the credit.

  3. "the boat came with tires" ugh? looks like a nice little boat Jim got there. We are in fishing haven but the weather is awful. I am going to go kayak fishing w/ my neighbors whenever the weather breaks. Can't wait. Hang in there w/ the migraines, never had one so don't know the pain but I am sure it is awful. Yesterday we had a good get together w/ our new classmates here. We miss ya!


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