Saturday, February 13, 2010


For our 40th Class Reunion, our committee put together a list of our graduating class and where they are currently living. Since I'm living in my mobile home they have a hard time keeping up with me so I try to track them down if I'm in their area.
Well, she's not really from this area but I was lucky enough to track down Betty and Bob. Betty and I graduated from high school together but have lost touch over the years. Then I found out she and her hubby decided to come to Arizona this winter. So I posted a note on her Facebook page and found out that she was here in Apache Junction. In fact, they are just down the street from us. (Small world.)

We were finally able to get together yesterday and had so much fun catching up. Next I need to get hold of Tim and his wife. Also a classmate of ours. They actually live here. What a great life.


  1. Yep. What a great life! I'm sure glad everyone else doesn't want to do the same thing. There are enough crowds in the RV parks as it is.

  2. You were on a high school reunion COMMITTEE? so being our class president was really up your ally. HA HA.


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