Sunday, August 2, 2009


Skittlez: "I finally got Dad to play with me. I love it when he plays tug with me and then throws it into the bedroom. Notice how well I hang on with my front paws.

After all that playing I was kind of glad when Mom and Dad hitched up the house and we got back on the road. That means I get to sleep and this time I got to sleep on top of Scootz. I'm not sure she was too happy about that but I know she loves me anyhow. I love to have my head hang down when I'm sleeping.

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  1. Dear Skittlez, My name is Rodeo and I live in a house with wheels all the time. I love it when my house is near water because I get to swim! I have a big brother named Marley, but he's not too smart. I think it's a beagle thing, I don't understand. My mommy and daddy want to meet your mommy and daddy and are always pleased and excited when they post on the blog or the Escapee's forum. I wasn't allowed to go to the Dixie Stampede, but my mom and dad smelled great when they got home! Keep posting and I'll keep reading. Rodeo


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