Saturday, August 1, 2009


In 1996, a Centennial year, the committee of the annual Buffalo Bill Ball asked Jay Thorington to create a skit as entertainment for the guests attending the ball. Later the group that performed this skit realized that this was a great idea to perform on the streets of Cody, Wyoming next to the famous Irma Hotel.
Subsequently the Gunfighters, a non-profit organization was born. These enthusiasts created such characters as Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, Ike Clanton, Mad Dog Harry Tracy, Emmett Dalton, Lucky Bill, Doc Payne, Laddy Da, Crazy Cora, Miss Cassie, Fred White and Teton Jackson. These characters represented the Wild West. All re-enactors created their own authentic costumes.

Note: If you miss this show, don't worry about it. It is very LOUD, the script could use a lot of work, the microphones have problems and the actors, at best, are just okay. It's a great way to raise money for their charity but the show itself is not worth waiting for.

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