Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Until 1882, the town and the land around it were within the Crow Reservation. Following numerous skirmishes between the Crow and gold miners the reservation boundry was moved east. Gold was found in the early 1870's. The area became known as the New World Mining District. The town was known as Shoo-fly until 1880 when it became known as Cooke City, MT named after a mining investor named Jay Cooke, Jr. Cooke promised to use his considerable influence to bring the railroad through the top of Yellowstone Park from Gardiner. This single move would have made the mining much more profitable in the Cooke area. Congress soon put an end to the possibility and unfortunately, Cooke ran into financial difficulty and lost his bonded mining claims. The road to Cooke City is difficult during the winter months and snowmobiles are almost a necessity. Cooke City may be hard to get to but well worth the visit.
We had a great hamburger and real fries at the Bistro Cafe. Notice the coat I have on - and remember it's August.

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