Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Into Montana

Helena, MT    High 101   Low 64

We are headed towards our summer stay at Canyon Ferry outside Townsend, MT.  

I was really looking forward to seeing the sign that says welcome to Montana. But it was no where to be found. It used to sit on top of the continental divide sign but either the weather or vandals took it down. It still felt good to know we were in Montana and our journey north was winding down.

Scenes along the way


We spent the night in Twin Bridges, MT at the rest stop we stayed in last year where they were holding a Trump Rally as we left. The weather was beautiful and we had quite a bit of company for the night.

Love cloud pictures

Talked to my brother-in-law and found out that they had torn up the road to our spot in Helena to put in new water lines. So we had no idea if we had a place to stay or not. Called the Fairgrounds and we could stay for seven nights but we still didn't have a place until the 1st of July. Fate was working on our side and the water workers had been called to another job. They just filled in the trenches and had pulled out the day before we showed up.


We got set up which is no easy chore because the lot is completely not level. Jim worked his magic and we got the Bungalow level enough so everything worked. Don's (my BIL) mom used to have a mobile home on this site so we have full hooks. Which was really wonderful since the heat moved in and our air conditioner got a great workout.

The Great Harvest Bakery in Helena makes these wonderful cinnamon and caramel rolls. Just looking at the picture makes me want to visit them again.

This beautiful girl decided to visit our site and stayed long enough for me to get a picture. A gorgeous buck had trotted through a day earlier but he was too fast for me to get a picture.


On June 28th, we noticed all this machinery on our street so Jim went out to talk to them. They were getting ready to tear up the road and it was time for us to make a decision.  Our street is a dead end and we needed to be able to get the Bungalow out on the 1st for our move down to Canyon Ferry.

Jim called the Fairgrounds and they had a spot for us for the three nights. $22/night for electric only. We rapidly put everything away and hitched up. The construction workers were kind enough to move all of their big machines out of the way so we could leave. 

Jim helping a woman back her RV into a site at the fairgrounds. 

The fairgrounds is really a nice place to stay. Other than a few train noises it was quiet and peaceful. After 13 years of being on the road, I have learned to ignore most train noises and slept just fine. (Jim can sleep through anything, anytime, anywhere.)



My next post will be from Canyon Ferry where we will stay for the months of July and August. 

The world is really a sad place when you have to chain up your garbage can. Convenience store in Helena.



  1. Love Montana!! Glad you all got a spot before heading to Canyon Ferry!!! Hope the fish are biting, Jim!!

  2. Its nice when things fall into place when you have to make a change. Hope its much cooler there

  3. Those cloud pictures are perfect. I laughed at the garbage can. I guess they will steal anything now. LOL

  4. I'll take a caramel roll, thanks. :)

  5. There were a few times in my travels when a wonderful, kind man backed my rig into a space. I was never good at backing up with the 5th wheel, and really appreciated the kindness of strangers. Enjoy Montana!

  6. Another shortage? Trash cans now? Hope that chain is strong enough to defeat trash can thieves! :cD


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