Friday, July 30, 2021

An Emergency Room Visit

Canyon Ferry MT - no change - smoke and hot

Been pretty quiet around here since Mick and Ginny left. Jim has been fishing but not catching and I'm reading and doing online jigsaw puzzles.

Sunday afternoon our friend Vaughn and some buddies dropped by after a day of kayaking on the lake. Vaughn and I have been friends for over 45 years. Always good to see old friends and be able to share a hug.

I also found out that my childhood friend, Dianna, died on Saturday. We saw her in Apache Junction before we left and knew that we wouldn't see her again on this earth. I miss you my friend. 

(I document all of the following so I can refer back to it if necessary.)

However, things changed on Saturday when Jim started complaining about his right shoulder and neck hurting. I figured he'd pulled a muscle or stretched it too much but we couldn't figure out what he did or when. 

By Sunday he was in terrible pain and could not use his right arm at all. He couldn't straighten up because it hurt so bad. Tylenol took the edge off for a little while and then the pain came back with a vengeance.  

The last time he had a pain in his back and thought he had pulled a muscle, he actually had a heart attack and needed bypass surgery. (he reassured me that this was different and it definitely was not his heart) So Monday morning saw us at the ER. Now you need to remember that Townsend is a small town - 2091 people. They are doing lots of construction on the hospital so we had to find the parking lot for the hospital. When we did find it, there was parking for 12 vehicles. Visitors and patients. 

We walked into the ER (with masks on) and checked in at a small cubicle. 


Then I looked at the waiting room. There are exactly four chairs in the very small waiting area. Nobody else there so Jim and I got to sit. 

They took Jim back almost immediately.  I stayed in the waiting room. Several folks came in but at different times. Two of them needed blood work, another guy had to see a doc about his hand, and who knows what others were doing there. All very interesting.

The doctor came out to talk to me. She explained that Jim was having a muscle spasm. They gave him an injection 💉 which ended up not helping at all and a pain pill which helped a little. They also gave him a prescription for 5 more pills. But basically there is not much they can do and he needs to "power" through til the muscle decides to loosen up. Supposed to do as much stretching as he can. 

By Friday he was beginning to feel much better even though he still couldn't turn his head or reach his arm up.  We are hoping by next week, he will be feeling much better.


  1. Sorry about Diana. We met her at Yuma. Sorry too about Jim's shoulder. Hope he is all better soon.

  2. Well, at least it was not his heart. I used to get those spasms, couldn't turn my head for months at a time. It really is a pain.

  3. Ouch! Muscle spasms can be very painful. I wonder if Jim can figure out what triggered this one so he can avoid doing it again? I know stress can make them worse but how do you relax while in pain? For me, deep breathing helps.

  4. Sandy, I haven't been on the computer for years. I decided to pick it up out of boredom today. Your post is the first thing I read. My heart was in my mouth. So glad it was muscle spasms--though I know how painful they can be. I find heating pad and diazapam help along with the pain meds I take and patience are the only things that help with a spasm. Muscle relaxants don't really do anything for me.

    I think of you and Jim very often, but have gotten away from the computer and veg just watching TV. Not much else I can do. I'll probably be sore just from typing this bit--my muscles are so not used. Aside from the scare, I'm just glad to hear that you and Jim are okay. I have forgotten more about the computer than I once knew. Have no idea how to get around anymore--things have changed I guess or my memory just plain doesn't work any more.

    I think serendipity made me get on today. Pups? Love to Jim. Be well.

  5. Glad it was just a muscle - this getting old thing is tough.

  6. Sorry for the loss of your friend. And sad Jim is not feeling very good. Hope the muscles ease up soon.

  7. Ugh. I feel your pain. I made two trips to the emergency room in the last month. One was needed and the other was a false alarm. But you stilll have to go.

  8. Hope Jim is feeling much better by now. His issue sounds exactly like what Mike experienced this spring before we left Arizona. He didn't really want to go to an ER but he was sure glad his wife was a nurse with the means to help his pain!

  9. Yikes! But thankful as it could have been so much worse! Sure hope Jim is feeling much better soon! 🙏

  10. Sorry for the loss of your friend.
    Praying that Jim will have a speedy recovery.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  11. I hate power through it. I want a shot, go to sleep and wake up fine. Hope Jim pain doesn't hold on long.

  12. Oh man, poor Jim. Having to power thru pain? Makes me wonder what cereal box that Doctor got his medical license from. Hope Jim recovers quickly.

  13. Hope it is just a muscle thing and not a pinched nerve.

  14. So glad you stopped by Sandie.....So sorry that Jim is in pain from a frozen shoulder issue...that hurts, as I know from experience.

    Stay well up in Montana.



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