Tuesday, July 20, 2021

All Rights Reserved and Goose Bay Handblown Glass

Canyon Ferry

The weather has really been perfect at night for sleeping. Even got down into the 50s last night. Now if we could just get some day time temps in the 80s along with some rain.

There is a community theater group in Townsend and on Saturday night, the four of us enjoyed their performance of "All Rights Reserved".  


The play (first performed in 1935) is a comedy based on a pharmaceutical company trying to come up with a name for a new drug and an advertising campaign to downplay all the strange side effects. There were only four characters and we had a lot of good laughs

Small stage

Waiting for the play to start. They gave everybody a bottle of water which was really appreciated.

There are several more fires burning throughout the west and the smoke is getting worse here in the campground. Ginny took this picture of our morning sun through the smoke.


On Monday Jim went fishing, Mickey stayed home and Ginny and I went to the glass blowing shop in Townsend.

Goose Bay Handblown Glass was opened in 2002 by Jim and Terry Gundersen. People are welcome to come by and just sit and watch the process, take a class on handblown glass, get a special order created just for them, or purchase some of their beautiful pieces.

We sat and watched Jim make a couple of pieces and browsed through the store. The store is full of gorgeous works of art, however, living and traveling in an RV does not lend itself to having beautiful glass decorations so we did not make a purchase. 


Red Flag warnings are becoming the norm for us every afternoon. Lots of wind and no break in the heat and drought in our future.



  1. Sleep is good. Now if the days would just cooperate.

  2. You find the neatest places! It's so hot and we have had a couple nights with lows of 65 degrees--ugh!

  3. They're predicting FOUR DAYS of rain in Tucson. A low pressure system is moving in. I'll believe it when I see it. Hopefully it will also rain on Apache Junction.

  4. I would have enjoyed the play as I always marvel at drug names and wonder how in the world they come up with them. Seems more x's and z's used than any other part of the language.

  5. Seems like smoke around the campgrounds is becoming as common as railroad tracks with trains running by at odd hours! :c(

  6. I would love to go to a glass blowing place, I think there is one here or at least there was at one time. Your will power to not buy is really good.
    To bad about the smoke.

  7. I took a glass blowing class once. It was much harder than I thought it would be to blow a perfect piece. Next time I'll watch and enjoy it from that view point.


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