Saturday, July 17, 2021

Canyon Ferry Here We Come

 Canyon Ferry, MT - take your pick. Highs 81 to 100.  Lows somewhere in the upper 50s to upper 60s. About the only constant is wind which shows up at some time every day.

On the 1st of July we arrived at the Canyon Ferry KOA for our two month stay. We have been coming here for about 15 years so Jim can go walleye fishing and we have always been given site #17. 

The campground has new owners and decided to put somebody in that spot until the 7th of July. The woman in the office explained to them that we have been coming here for years but we ended up in site #15. Its a little bit smaller but we have made it work. And they did honor our monthly rate from last year even though the price has gone up. 

My opinion is they are trying to turn what is basically a fishing campground into a regular KOA. Be interesting to see how it goes. Right now there are definitely some issues that need to be taken care of. Like washers and dryers that work. Currently none do. 

We got the Bungalow set up and then went back to town (Helena) and brought the boat down. Then the 4th of July weekend happened.  

This place was crammed to the gills with rvs, trucks, boats, atvs, kids, bikes, jet skis, and more boats. I didn't think to take any pictures but you could barely drive down a row with trucks parked everywhere. 

The temperatures were in the upper 90s and low 100s. Definitely A/C weather. But with all the big rigs and everybody charging batteries for all their toys, our voltage dropped to 105. That is danger territory. When voltage drops it can destroy your electrical appliances. Like your A/C compressor. We lost power for a couple of hours and it was really quite warm. It was a very very long, hot, noisy weekend and I was very glad for it to end. I also hate fireworks.

The view from our doorway.

Monday the 5th saw a steady stream of folks leaving along with kids and toys. The park is now much more normal with lots of fisherpeople and those who pull in for just an overnight stay. We have not had a voltage problem since. 

Beautiful skies until the smoke moved in.

Sunset over the campground.

Tuesday the 6th, our very good friends from our park in Apache Junction pulled in for two weeks. Good times in store.


  1. Ugh! At least they gave you the discount. But, to give away your site?!!!

  2. New owners don't care how long you have been staying there it's all about how much money they can rake in. Glad it quited down.

  3. At first I thought you had double towed the boat there. Whew!

  4. Ah yes, the dreaded power drop. We've been in parks with low voltage, open grounds and etc. The people that worked there would always tell us everything was fine and it must be the fault of the RV. Very infuriating.

  5. Like Jo said New Owners just want to make money to recover their investments.
    When it gets that hot lots of people don't like to share with those with smaller rigs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your summer stay.

    It's about time.

  6. It's been my experience that campgrounds have more broken washers and dryers than working ones. That's why when we were RV shopping an on board unit was the top of the list as must have.

    Of course, back in the pre Journey days, I had some of the most interesting conversations with total strangers while waiting for the wash to dry. :c)


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