Saturday, July 24, 2021

Six Months Without Our Skittlez


Our Skittlez has been gone for six months and our hearts still ache. Traveling without a dog along was a whole new experience for us. No need to hurry back to the rig or worry about the power going out. We miss her so much.


She was always a strange little girl. At the time we didn't realize it but now we know that we got her from a backyard breeder. She was 8 weeks old when we brought her home with us. Scooter was two years and they had a great time playing. We didn't take very many pictures back then (early 2000s) and I regret that. 

Scooter and Skittlez


Skitz was afraid of everything from plastic bags to loud humans. As she got older she hated being outside. She wanted to be inside, in her house, in her bed. She wasn't too bad a traveler when we first started full timing but as age crept up on her she hated being in the truck. She would pace and pant and cry. Once we stopped and she could get inside the Bungalow she would settle down. 

She loved her boiled chicken and peanut butter, but definitely not vegetables. She and Jim shared ice cream frequently which made her very happy.

She never chased a rabbit or a squirrel. Just not interested. Or else couldn't see them very good. We always thought her eyesight was never very good.

Rocky always wanted to sleep with Skittlez and she tolerated him.

We just wanted to share some pictures of our little girl.

Run Free Little One

 Rocky Joe, Scooter, Skittlez

I don't know who did this sketch but it makes my heart feel peaceful. So thank you to whoever created this.

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