Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Santa Fe, NM   High 77  Low 46

Monday – we recovered. We had the kids come to our house for lunch and then sat and visited with them for a few hours. No more touring for us.

Monday afternoon, Tom and Dianne and Dave and Nancy pulled into our park. In fact Tom and Dianne got the spot next to us. We made arrangements to go to dinner. I got to choose the place.

The last time we were in Albuquerque we met up with Dave and Nancy and made plans to go to a Chinese restaurant. After driving around for almost an hour we never did find the place. I checked in with Yelp and picked the Zinc Wine Bar and Grill which was excellent.

But this time we wanted to try a different place. Checked out Yelp and Urban Spoon and decided that Pelican’s would offer a good selection and it got great reviews.


We would all agree with those reviews and have added this restaurant to those we would go to for a second helping.

Tom, Jim, Me, Dianne, Nancy and Dave


After dinner we all went over to Tom and Dianne’s for ice cream. A wonderful evening.

When we left Grants, NM the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for the truck decided to malfunction. The “service TPMS" light came on. Called On-Star and they ran a diagnostic and determined that nothing was wrong with the truck.

The big problem came when we locked the truck and then tried to unlock it with the remote entry. Seems the TPMS system an the remote entry are connected and if one doesn’t work neither does the other. So every time Jim would unlock the door with the key the alarm sounded until he could get the key in the ignition and shut it off.

Tuesday morning he headed for a Chevy dealership and a couple of hours later it was fixed. We got everything ready for travel on Wednesday. It was going to be windy so we wanted to get on the road in the morning before the winds picked up.

There are many things and places we didn’t get to see in Albuquerque but we needed to save something for the next time we come this way. The Madonna Tree is one of them.

70 miles later we are in Santa Fe for a couple of nights.


  1. Looks like you're having fun! I happen to be watching a movie that was filmed largely in Albuquerque at the Route 66 Casino..."Love Lies Bleeding"

  2. Good to see friends gather even if I can't be there with them.

  3. You have certainly been had to go back a few posts to catch up! I have always wanted to go to Albuquerque, now I really want to go there!

    Glad Yiu had a nice evening with safe!

    I haven been to Santa Fe either!

  4. You certainly did your best to see as much as you could while you were in Albuquerque! Safe travels as you move along.

  5. ah ... good food and good pals... whatta deal and a loving husband ... even two great pooches.

    I'm not covetous ... not me

  6. Be sure and go downtown by the old capitol....We liked Santa Fe....

  7. What a nice day you had with good friends and good food.

  8. WOW that sure was a lot of going, going, going in the last days. I'm not surprised you both are exhausted !

  9. Looks like a great place for a gathering of friends. Kinda funny that the TPMS and the remote door locks would affect one another - too much electronics in these modern vehicles LOL. Glad you were able to get it fixed.

  10. Great day and I'm sure Santa Fe will be just as good - it's one of our favourite spots.

  11. Sometimes I just wonder about all the gadgets on new vehicles. Our new (to us) Escape came with that tire pressure monitor. I thought, "That's just something else to go wrong."

  12. Ain't technology grand? It will tax your patience at the most inconvenient times. Glad you had On Star to ensure there was no real problem, just a little bug.

  13. Jealous? Only a bit. We are having 5 couples from the SKP rally in town come out to the park for a few days.

  14. sounds like you guys are finally (again) doing what fters do, travel. And good for you. Santa Fe is on our list of places to go, so I will be watching where and what you do in the area. Later

  15. Glad you got to enjoy some good site seeing in Santa Fe, and we SO enjoyed our time with you in Albuquerque! Yes, the restaurant was a good choice, but the company was the best part!!! Travel safely and we'll be looking forward to time together again in Q, if not before. Hugs, D & T


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