Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Old Town Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM  High 82  Low 51

Don’t even think we have finished with our day yet. I told you we were exhausted when we finally got back to the rig.

Old Town Albuquerque is a MUST when you’re in the area. Founded in 1706 by Governor Francisco Cuervo y Valdez. Centered around the plaza, Albuquerque's Old Town encompasses about ten blocks of historic adobe buildings.


On the north side of the plaza is the San Felipe de Neri Church, the oldest building in the city, which was built in 1793. (I was happy to read that photographs were allowed inside.)





Our next stop was thanks to Kevin and Ruth.  I would never have visited this one if they hadn’t blogged about it.

The Rattlesnake Museum

P1030455On our way to the museum we ran into bank and stagecoach robbers trying to find a place to hide their loot.

There were lots of folks around since it is a three day week-end. The children were loving all the noise an hollering that was going on during the show. The guns especially were a big hit.

After we escaped we went to the museum.


I do NOT ever want to see a snake out in the wild. But these snakes are all behind glass and were fascinating. I took so many pictures but I’ll just post a few of them.





Gila Monster


They also rescue turtles from people who got them when they were small and then couldn’t handle them as they got bigger and wanted to get rid of them.


We took the kids home and headed back for the rig. Our day was finally over an we both collapsed. One of the best days ever.


  1. So happy to hear that you made your way to the Rattlesnake Museum. The owner is really interesting to talk to and he has done a great job on the museum itself. We really enjoyed our time there too. You were lucky to catch the bank and stagecoach robbery, that would have been fun to see.


  2. Our daughter introduced us to Geocaching on Thanksgiving Day, 2004... the Ghost Tour of Old Town. If you're a cacher, it's a lot of fun to do. Also, did you see the "Mary Tree"? May not be the proper name, but it's an old tree that it partly gone... Just another neat thing to see in Old town.

  3. You are right. Old Town is a must! Y'all sure dis a ton in one day.

  4. I would prefer to see the rattlers behind glass than out in the wild just a few feet from me, but they really belong in the wild.

  5. Heard that rattlesnake tastes just like chicken. Did they offer free samples?

  6. After a day like that, I would be worn out too!

  7. I love Old Town Albuquerque, but I can do without the rattlesnake museum. I don't care if they are behind glass, I would have nightmares.

  8. Great shots!! I would pass on the snakes, we just don't get along.

  9. I love Old Town Albuquerque.


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