Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Weird

Albuquerque, NM  High 82  Low 51

Continuing our mad dash around the city in search of the weird, we found three very strange houses. Two of them were from Roadside America, but Jen and Steve knew about a third one.

The first was built by architect Bart Prince. I think he may have also built the third house, but I’m not positive. Anyhow – imagine living in these houses.




House #2 – right next door to house #1



House #3


These houses are tucked away in regular neighborhoods. It took all my restraint not to go knock on their door and ask for a tour. I’m sure they would have said no. It is their home after all.



  1. Weird!

    They may be so proud of their homes they'd love to show them off, but everyone (like you and us) would never really go and knock on their door.

  2. I agree - I'd LOVE to see the inside. I wonder if they are somewhere on-line or in a "home" magazine. I'll bet the interiors are featured somewhere. :)

  3. I kinda dig House 1. I bet seeing the inside would be a kick!

  4. There is a program on HGTV called "You Live In What?". These houses would be good candidates for the show, or maybe they've already been featured. I'd prefer a small cabin in the woods, personally.

  5. I sure wouldn't want anyone building one of those weird looking homes next to ours.

  6. You guys are sure good at finding the weird.

  7. Awww, we missed these when we were in Alburqueque last month. We will have to remember this next time we are in the area. They look pretty neat but I sure wouldn't want any of them for my home.


  8. The first one is very weird looking, but the 3rd one looks interesting.

  9. Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. They might just invite you in and give you the grand tour. I'm sure they are proud of the homes and may want to show them off.

  10. You sure are seeing stuff I didn't! maybe they have a weird house tour ha

    ... interesting f'sure ~ got to be a story behind these somewhere.

  11. Those houses are weird-looking all right, and I'm glad you got to see the outsides, at least! :)

  12. Now see I must be the weird one here 'cause I don't think these houses look weird at all. I love anything 'different' and 'outside the box' kinda thing.


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