Monday, May 27, 2013

Albuquerque’s Weird Side

Albuquerque, NM   High 95  Low 61

I am a Roadside America junkie. Judy did a post on her GIANT Roadside finds and I’m doing one of the weird kind.

P1030384This guy originally appeared above the Duke City Lumber Company store in the early 1960's. The lumber store became a hardware store and is currently a Vietnamese Cafe. The cafe owners took advantage of the grandfather clause in the Albuquerque sign ordinance, which makes such a monstrosity illegal today, and left it standing. This gives them a huge attraction that makes everyone wonder how the lumberjack is connected to a cafe.

Fins ‘N Critters Pet store













Steve’s sign says: Trespassers Will Be Eaten

Cruising San Mateo - It was erected as part of a street-widening project. The car is a Chevy, of course.


You are here!


The Flying Saucer Cafe


Library Bar and Grill


There is more so I’ll continue it in my next post. The kids were fantastic about finding all these things for us. A weird sort of treasure hunt.


  1. Looks like another fun day. The weather looks good too so send some this way.

  2. What a kick! I wonder how the businesses/builders come up with the those weird sculptures(?) on the buildings.

  3. I love Roadside America also. We saw a few of these when we were in the area. We did miss the big cool.

  4. So if that huge sign were to mysteriously fall to earth, my guess is it couldn't be put back up again? I would think the "grandfather" clause would only apply to existing signs.
    And here I thought Paul Bunyan was a New England kind of guy. Strange.

  5. Seems you had as much fun as I did finding those oddities. :)

  6. Loved reading the titles of the books on the Library Bar and Grill. Many of the storefronts at the Mall of America are like that. There's a kitchen store, for instance, where you walk in between the beaters and stand of a mixer. Fun to just go look.

  7. You guys are having a blast !

  8. Pretty cool stuff. I never saw any of those.

  9. Been to Albuquerque quite a few times and seen a few of those, will have to see the rest during our next visit.


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