Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tombstone – Part 2

Tombstone is about 25 miles south of Benson where we are camped. A nice easy drive.

Let’s continue with our tour of Tombstone.

World’s Largest Rosebush


The story of the rosebush starts with a young bride,  Mary Gee from Scotland who came to Tombstone in 1885 with her husband Henry. Because she was so homesick, her family sent cuttings of the White Lady Banksia Rose from their Scotland rose garden.


The rosebush thrived in the AZ desert and has grown into a 10 foot tall rose tree that covers over 8,000 square feet.


The rosebush has a massive, gnarled trunk and beams support the branches on the trellised roof. 



There is also a museum filled with artifacts that were discovered in Tombstone.

How would you like that wallpaper in your rig.


The men all thought this was the best relic in the museum. Notice I use the word relic as in an old custom: a tradition, practice, or rule that dates from some time in the past, especially one that is considered out of date or inappropriate at the present time


Bird Cage Theatre

Near one end of Allen street you will find the famous Bird Cage Theater, standing much as it did over 100 years ago. In the 1880s it was not only a theater, but also served as a saloon, gambling hall and reportedly even a brothel. It was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even on holidays. The New York Times called it, "the wildest, roughest, wickedest honky tonk between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast." That statement was well deserved, since the Bird Cage was the scene for twenty-six deaths during its eight years of business.


We did not take this tour – way too many people. But I would definitely want to take this one if we come back down here someday.

Crystal Palace Saloon


Originally known as the Golden Eagle Brewing Company, this establishment was one of early Tombstone's first saloons. 

We asked the guy selling tickets for the stagecoach ride where he liked to eat when he eats out. He had mentioned that lots of people like Big Nose Kate’s but he preferred the food at the Crystal Palace. So that’s where we had lunch and it was fantastic.

Look at that beautiful bar.


Jim really enjoyed some of the pictures hanging on the walls.


I lied, we’re going to have a third post on Tombstone. Hope you aren’t getting too bored.


  1. We haven't made it to Tombstone yet, thanks for the tour. One of htese days we will have to make it there. :)

  2. I remember visiting Tombstone way back in January 2005, somehow though we missed that rose tree.


  3. Well. kids, you did what we had planned to do when we were down in Tombstone not long ago -- you actually blogged about it! We got all the pictures, even wrote up some text, but never finished. We'll have to try it again some time.

    Had a nice visit with you folks today!

  4. The rose bush/tree is amazing--it's as if a perfect storm situation for growing conditions. The scolding bridle…hmmm…I wonder how many of those were made and how many men lived after securing one on their wives. :)

    Your posts are never boring, Sandie.

  5. The Bird Cage is the highlight of Tombstone. Jim would enjoy the "cribs". It's much larger inside than it looks.

  6. I've been to Tombstone many times and never saw most of this stuff! Good job!

  7. We loved the saloon. Had a beer and pretended Paul was the sheriff and I was a saloon girl. What fun.

  8. We had our lunch at the Saloon too. I will never forget. I had a killer headache, the waitress noticed and went and got me Tylenol. That's service.

  9. Now I really can't wait! Hope we can eat at the Crystal Palace too!

    That is some rose bush! Does it's fragrance fill the air?

    Looking forward to part 3....

  10. We really enjoyed Tombstone the short two times we were there. We keep saying we're going back for a longer stay but don't know when we'll make it.

  11. If that picture on the wall was Big Nose Kate's, it would be hard to notice her nose... ;c)

  12. I would not like having that wallpaper. But having finally learned how to take a good sponge bath in my RV I now understand how people could use those wash stand pitcher and bowl sets.

  13. Great post and tour. That rose tree was amazing.

  14. Fun post - enjoyed the pictures.

  15. That's an interesting story on the rose bush and quite a trunk! My neighbor has a climbing rose that is all over her porch and fence that she says is a Lady Banks. I wonder if that's the same kind.


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