Sunday, April 7, 2013

Native Americans and Monks

Benson, AZ   High 88  Low 49

Amerind Museum and Art Gallery


Founded in 1937 by William Fulton, the Amerind Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Native American cultures and their histories. The Foundation is located in Texas Canyon in the Little Dragoon Mountains.

They don’t allow any pictures in the museum, but it contains many amazing artifacts of many tribes. We enjoyed our visit.

Holy Trinity Monastery

P1020955 In the afternoon we went to the Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David. This is an Olivetan Benedictine Monastery founded on September 3, 1974 on 148 acres along the San Pedro River.

The Celtic cross is 70 feet high. It was donated to the monastery in 1996. The face of the medal of St. Benedict at the junction of the arms of the Cross make it both Celtic and Benedictine. The relic of the True Cross has been incorporated into the base of the Cross.

The primary work of the monastery centers around offering a place for individuals and groups of people seeking spiritual and physical refreshment.

Beautiful Koi in the pond.


Holy Trinity Monastery lives by the ancient Rules of St. Benedict according to the norms of the Olivetan Benedictines.

It is precisely through a careful and deeply contemplative celebration of the Work of God, that over the centuries the Olivetan monks have been able to make their communities ever greater places of silence, peace, brotherhood and ecumenical sensitivity.


They offer retreats and have an RV park which help to provide the income to maintain the monastery. We were able to join the monks and a few members for a worship service. I am not familiar with the rituals involved but I enjoyed the peacefulness in the Church.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church was dedicated on June 24, 1981.



They have gorgeous peacocks wandering the grounds. I could not convince this guy to show me his tail feathers. It was hot and he just wanted to lay in the shade.


The hens were busy keeping an eye on things around the monastery.


A quiet, peaceful visit to an Oasis in the Desert.


  1. None of these places we have ever heard of. Maybe next time we pay a visit there. Sure looks nice.

  2. Looks beautiful, thanks for the great pictures!

  3. I would have loved to be a service at Holy Trinity Monastery. I am sure it was an uplifting service full of tradition.

  4. Those places are always so peaceful...

  5. When you saw those Koi in the pond, did you have to restrain Jim?

    Lovely place to visit, loved the peacocks. They remind me of the ones that used to walk around Disney World's Fort Wilderness campground. They did so well and multiplied to so many that they became a nuisance and were removed. Sad.

    So it was nice to see some wandering around.

  6. Peacocks are sure beautiful birds. We love it when we see them and finally get a wiggle of their full blown tail feathers.

  7. I think the male peacock is exquisite and you got a lovely photo of him.

  8. The peacock is beautiful. We had a lot of them at the wild life refuge.

  9. I really like peacocks and at one time wanted to get a pair for our little farm. That is until I heard their "call"/scream! And found that they love it get on top of cars and use them for their potty...

    I still love them....from a distance.

  10. The peacock probably spread his tail as soon as you walked away :)) He was one beautiful bird but boy they can scare the bejibbers out of you when they yell.

  11. You guys are sure seeing and doing a lot on this little side trip huh.


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