Monday, April 8, 2013

Jerry and Suzy

Benson, AZ   High 88  Low 54

I’ve followed Jerry and Suzy’s blog for a long time and we finally got to meet them. They call Saguaro RV Park their winter home.

Do you think bloggers and RVers take a lot of pictures? Here’s proof.


We met over at their place for Happy Hour before heading out to dinner together.

Jerry, Suzy and Dianna


Isn’t it amazing how you can find a million things to talk about when you meet up with fellow bloggers and RVers? No need to try and think of something to say.

Another happy hour visitor


While we were visiting, good friends of theirs, Kirby and Vonnie, stopped by and joined the conversation.

You know they have to be good folks because they have a doxie, Hershey. Isn’t he a cutie?


Evie is a sweetie but every time I pointed the camera at her, she ran and hid. I finally got a picture of her on Vonnie’s lap when she wasn’t looking.


Vonnie and Kirby had to go home and we headed out for dinner at the Horseshoe Cafe. Our waitress was incredibly funny and is an amazing woman. She used to take care of 35 special needs foster children. That takes a very special earth angel. Dinner was wonderful.


We’re going to dinner again Sunday night. Great times.


  1. I'm happy that you and Jim were able to spend some time with Jerry and Suzy. I would like to meet them both some day (and the two of you, too)!

  2. There certainly are a lot of things to talk about when you meet folks you have things in common with. A good end to that conversation always happens to be dinner too.

  3. That's way cool to meet fellow bloggers! Glad you had fun and a good dinner too!

  4. Glad Jerry and Suzie are taking good care of you all.

  5. The country is not so big is it! Great to find other bloggers.

  6. You can never have enough pictures. Especially of me... ;c)

  7. Well, I missed a meetup with two blog friends but I have another one coming and hope to see Steve and Carol in the OKC area in a few days. Glad to see you are doing these meetups better than I am.

  8. always fun to meet up with fellow bloggers!!! and yes, we do take a lot of pictures!!

  9. We follow their blog also. Doesn't Suzy look so good.

    We, too, enjoy meeting up with fellow RVers. Nicest people around.

  10. Yes, we certainly take our share of picture (at least I do)

  11. We did take a few pictures that evening, didn't we? So glad you guys were able to stop in the Saguaro SKP Park so we could meet up!

  12. So neat that you're getting to meet up with fellow RVers. I think Doxies are special, too. I love seeing S&S and thing big soft eyes pop up whenever I open your blog.

    The reason RVers take so many pictures is because they live such interesting lives. About the only thing I could post right now is a picture of my ceiling fan!! LOL Of course, there's always sweet Jack--he's probably the most photographed dog in the world.

    I bought a new, lighter but shorter ramp for him to get up in the truck. It was nice out, today, so I tried it. It weighs 13 pounds--don't know what my old telescoping one weighs, but it was difficult for me to handle. I thought he might like to go to physical therapy with me. He was so happy when I asked him if he wanted to go in the truck that he went running around the house in circles, and I swear I heard him yell, "Yippee." He got up and in just fine. Getting out, he did fine except his back end slid down because it's carpet and it's steeper. I have to figure out how to give it a little more traction. Maybe duct tape some sand paper down--any suggestions? I'd hate to have to go back to the older, heavier one. I even thought maybe I could make it less steep with a little stool, but I'm afraid it might fall over. Sorry, Sandie. I think I just wrote a blog in your comments!!

  13. Now that I wrote my blog here, Sandie, will you let me add just one more thing? It was rather warm, today, but I have an Endless Breeze Fan, which I highly recommend to anyone with dogs. While I was in therapy, I put it on high, opened all the windows in the truck, including the back window, put a bowl of water on the console where Jack could reach it, but stay in his seat belt. He was cool and comfortable when I came out and it was approaching 80 degrees. You'd be amazed at the air this fan puts out. (Thanks, Sandie. :))

  14. I also enjoy meeting fellow Bloggers.


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