Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eire Street

Apache Junction, AZ   High 75   Low 48

We are actually back in Apache (Petticoat) Junction. With the wind storm approaching we left Benson at 6:00 a.m. (yes a.m.) so we got back to our park before the wind really picked up. Dianna headed back on Sunday so she wouldn’t have to deal with the wind or Monday morning commuters. But I still have a couple of posts from last week. Then I’ll be sitting here with absolutely nothing to blog about for another month. Either feast or famine.

Al & Kelly told us about the Bisbee Breakfast Club and after our mine tour we headed over to have lunch.


By the way, if you go to Al’s blog and search for Bisbee Breakfast Club you get a much better idea of the mine tour than I gave you. And also a better tour of Bisbee.

We had a wonderful lunch and I wish now that we had been able to have breakfast at the BBC. I found it interesting that they had these garage type doors in the dining area.


Jim really enjoyed walking up and down Erie Street. Can you see why?




Most of the stores on this street are vacant but there was one shop open. So Sassy here’s another one for you.


A couple more pictures of this one little street. We learned that there are five small burgs that make up Bisbee and Eire Street is located in Lowell, AZ.




A street that is a walk back in time.


After leaving Eire Street we headed to the old Warren Baseball Park located in the burg of Warren. The Stadium was built in 1909 by the Calumet and Arizona Mining Company as a recreation for the miners and their families, pre-dating the construction of Chicago's Wrigley Field by nearly five years.


They play a vintage baseball game at this field using 1860 rules. The game was going to be held on Saturday but we were there on Friday. I think that would be a fun excursion for next time.

Leaving the ballpark we headed back towards downtown with a stop to check out the Lavender Pit which is an open pit copper mine named after Harrison Lavender, who was Vice-President of the mining company.


P1030127There is also a WWII Memorial at the lookout for the Pit. I appreciate the opportunity to stop and take time to thank those men and women who served our country then and now.

I leave you with one more picture from Eire Street.


As we leave Bisbee, I want to tell you that downtown Bisbee is not my favorite place. It is an old mining town with wonderful buildings to look at. But – parking is terrible (not enough of it) and being a mining town it is very hilly. Neither Jim nor I are in good enough physical shape to be able to do that kind of walking. I am also not a shopper so the wonderful arts and crafts offered were not of interest to me. But this is strictly how I feel about it. We loved the mine tour and the BBC and Eire Street. So come to Bisbee and enjoy.



  1. We really appreciate your honest opinions. It helps us plan our tour when we get there. One main reason that I would love to visit Bisbee is that fiction writer JA Jance is from Bisbee and often used that area in her mysteries.

  2. I got a really wonderful turquoise cuff at one of those stores, nice, nice women, wish I could remember the name....

  3. Erie street is named correctly, as I find it quite.... well... eerie! Like time has stopped and the people went away..

  4. My husband drove Greyhound for 36 years and drove one of those Scenicruisers. So that picture put a big smile on his face. We loved Bisbee but I can certainly understand your reasons for it not being your favorite place. Lots of hills. Looking forward to when we can go back

  5. nice tour of Bisbee! At least you can say you went there and saw it!

  6. It certainly was smart to get on the road and out of there before the winds arrived. As RV'ers we've learned to be on the ball and check that weather out first of all.

  7. We love Bisbee and have visited there several times. We didn't do the mine but the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum which I liked very much.
    BTW the colourful fence marks the local "off leash dog run". :)) Obviously we walked the same streets. And we discovered the same: very hard to find a public bathroom.

  8. How interesting that we all like different places for different reasons. Paul and I did not like Tombstone because of all the touristy stuff and we had to pay for just about anything we wanted to see. We loved Bisbee. Of course we both can get around pretty good so that does make a difference. BBC is awesome!

    We are all so different but yet so the same. Live it

  9. I love the picture of the old cars parked in front of the old stores.

  10. We hope to get there next winter to check it out. Thanks for the tour.

  11. We would also like to check it out. I do love the old "stuff" .....cars, buildings, signs, tools, etc. Way cool Greyhound bus!

    Thanks for posting and sharing....

  12. I'm like Jim, I love the old cars. Sadly, I remember only too well when they were "new" cars! :c)

  13. I remember that type of Greyhound. The restroom is in the back of the front--the lower level on the driver's side. When a kid came running up the aisle and found the bathroom occupied, the driver promptly pulled onto the shoulder and threw open the door. Those of us who were sitting in the front section sure were glad that driver was alert. Lunch to go. :(

  14. What a interesting read. Thanks for sharing

  15. I know what you mean about having nothing to post. Now that I'm finished with Hawaii, I'm stuck. Good picture of the Lavender Pit.

  16. How do I miss these things !!??


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