Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Week In Review

Apache Junction, AZ   High 91  Low 56

We are back in our spot in Apache Junction and life has settled back into a routine again.

Jim has been fishing a couple of times. The park is emptying out as folks head north (way too early in my opinion). Jim had his stitches removed and found out that they had removed all the abnormal cells on his back and doesn’t need to return until October. He’s had two Physical Therapy appointments on his shoulder and it’s really doing good.

Thursday was a little crazy. Paul arrived back in Phoenix after his two months over in New Zealand and Australia. He got in Wednesday night but crashed at a motel near the airport and we picked him up there on Thursday morning. Had a great breakfast at U.S. Egg and then took him home so he could hook up and head down to Tucson.

After dropping him off we picked up my sister and her hubby to take them to the Mesa Airport for their return to Montana. Guess it was a nightmare of a trip as they had to detour to Las Vegas and sit for several hours. My sister’s legs swelled really bad and her Restless Legs about drove her over the edge. Not a good thing. But they finally got home.

Saturday, we drove down to Green Valley to celebrate a good friend’s 70th birthday. John and Karen bought a home down there and then travel in the summertime. It was a fun time.

John, blowing out his candles. Karen, his wife, is in the pink top.


A bunch of folks from Casa Grande were also there that we knew and we also got to meet some new folks.

The winds are returning tonight and lasting through Tuesday. Gusts to 50 mph. Hang onto your hats.


  1. Hey, that's great news about Jim! Yay! Sounds like ya'll had a nice week. Stay safe in the winds.

  2. Busy, busy week helping out your friends and family. Long flights, like driving for many hours is not good for our legs.

  3. sounds like you have been very busy! better hang onto your hats!..sounds like a wind storm is coming your way!

  4. Great news about Jim. That's quite a community you've built for yourselves there in AJ. Good for you.

  5. Great news about Jim, glad you guys ad a good week!

  6. Glad you and Jim are enjoying yourselves. What great news about Jim. Hope the therapy solves all his problems. I overdid a little today so I'm achy, but it's better than not all that long ago.

    Glad you got everyone off to where they were supposed to be going. What a nice group of friends you seem to have. Nothing like getting together with a few couples - always something to laugh about.

    I was telling Susan about the tape that Jim suggested from Lowes. I'm going to try to get over there this week. I'm sure Jack will thank him as rug burn on his butt wouldn't be so great. :)

  7. Winds are terrible here in Blair Valley, CA. We were hit with pop up sand storms as we were loading the coach for our exit in the morning. This was a disappointing two weeks. Did not get to do what we had planned. But that's OK, we will be back next year, but on the west side of the valley and dry lake.

  8. Oh, that's good news for you & Jim! Glad to hear that.
    I have a friend with RLS, it's just awful.

  9. Sounds like good news for Jim.

    If we had know you were in Green Valley we would stopped in a said a big hello. Maybe we can get together if you are in the Tucson area within the next couple weeks. Keep us in mind.

  10. What a week! You weren't this busy back in your working days!

    Glad Jim is okay, great news again. :c)

  11. Looked like a busy but fun past couple of weeks. Glad to hear Jim is doing well.

  12. WOW! Gust to 50mph! Glad we're not on the road down that way. However, wish we had a little bit of that sunshine and dry air.

  13. Hang on not only to your hats but to your rig if you are driving it anywhere! Those gusts can be nasty.

  14. Oh my that really is wonderful news for Jim. Say HI to Paul for me.


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