Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are You a Dude or a Cowboy?

Skittlez seems to be doing better. She’s still acting a little strangely but she always has been strange. Hard to know if something’s wrong or not. But the water intake and outgo are back to the usual and that is what really had me worried.


Now here’s a Montana Cowboy quiz for all you cowboy wannabe’s.

A real Cowboy can answer these questions!

1. A group of saddle horses is called:

Cavvy      litter      herd    dustmakers

2. The proper term for a Cowboy’s riding whip is:

bullwhip     quirt    crop    beater

3. To dally is to:

dance western style    wrap a rope around his horn

grab a steer’s tail       take a short nap

4. Female cows before they’ve had a calf are called:

steers    heifers    bulls    honeys

5. The best way to describe a sorrel horse:

black    brownish white    reddish brown    rocking

6. Designs carved into a Cowboy’s saddle are called:

tooling    notches    patterns    tattoos

7. Fill in the blanks to an old Cowboy song – Goodbye _________, I’m leaving Cheyenne.

old paint    loyal dog    dear girl    dear Mom

8. What is a Cowboy’s favorite drink?

milk    whiskey    coffee    root beer

9. Which activity does NOT occur at a branding?

castrating   de-horning   fireworks    crying

10. When a Cowboy throws a hoolihan he:

has a fit    plays horseshoes    throws a loop    tosses his hat

11. A Cowboy’s latigo is a leather strap that tightens his:

cinch    belt    hat    wallet

12. How does a Cowboy tell a storm is coming:

dog is running in circles     

deer and elk are feeding intently

cook is making buckets of beans   

can’t find his raincoat

13. A Cowboy measures his horses in:

hands    inches    feet    gallops

14. Touching a Cowboy’s hat is a sign of :

affection    disrespect     loyalty    stupidity



1.  cavvy

2.  quirt

3.  wrap a rope around his horn

4.  heifers

5.  reddish brown

6.  tooling

7.  old paint

8.  whiskey

9.  fireworks

10. throws a loop

11. cinch

12. deer and elk are feeding intently

13. hands

14. disrespect

So how did you do?


  1. I got 4 correct (4-5-6-13) which surprised me - didn't expect to know any of them.

  2. 10 - That was fun, Sandie. Glad to hear Skittlez is feeling better.

  3. Ya left out Dud as an option about how I did....

  4. GREAT news about Skittlez!!!
    I think I am a cowgirl.

  5. You really know how to make a dude feel stupid!

  6. Hi Sandie....cute post here!!!! Actually, I think I am a Dudette......that is what they call them down south in AZ. lOL LOL



  7. just a city girl I guess..those were 'hard' questions!

  8. I got more than half. But it's not because I know anything about ranching; only that I read everything--including westerns.

  9. I only got 10 correct answers, but I think that is because I was a farm girl, not a ranch girl. No cowboys or dudes anywhere near where I grew up in Iowa, but more than a few duds, though! ;)

  10. 10 - I think I was just a good guesser.

  11. Glad Skittlez is doing better. Sadly looks like I am a Dude.

  12. We got 11 out of that list. Of course, we're old time Montanans, so we had an edge.

  13. Surprisingly, I got 3, 4, 5, (lucky guess) 6, 7, 8, (had to be whiskey, c'mon!) 10, 11 and 13.
    And I would have thought that 14 could quite likely be "stupidity", since he's liable to trounce you if you touch his hat.
    So that makes nine. I either knew them, or had no clue.
    But I'm still not a cowboy.
    Horse sweat doesn't do it for me.
    Fun stuff though.

  14. Doxie puppies are the cutest things!!! Glad Skitz is feeling better!!

  15. butterbean carpenterOctober 22, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    Howdy Dixons,
    I'm glad the wee one is feeling better!! I got 13 out of the 14, but thatz because we don't have ELK around here; of course it also might be that as an OLD cowboy they were natural answers for me!!! Good questions, tho!! I'm pullin' for Jim and sendin' up some smoke-prayers to the Big Guy in the Sky, for
    him!!! I said coffee for the cowboys favorite drink because just the 'drunks' want whiskey and the Lord don't need more drunks!!!


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