Saturday, August 4, 2012


Helena, MT   High 83   Low 53


The day before we headed back to Helena, Kay and Dan arrived at Rocky Mountain Hi Campground. They are going to spend a month in the area just relaxing and doing some exploring.

We met up with them for dinner at Mackenzie River Pizza. It’s been about seven months since we last saw them at Quartzsite so it was fun to catch up. They just bought a beautiful new motorhome in Boise, ID and are still trying to get all the bugs worked out of it.


When we were visiting the train in Somers, I saw these neat handrails outside the Sliter Hardware Store.


Thursday morning we headed out of Kalispell down The Seeley Swan Highway. This 80 mile long, 30 mile wide region is comprised of two scenic river valleys – the Clearwater and the Swan. The Bob Marshall Wilderness borders it on the north.


There are a chain of lakes along Highway 83 including: Harper’s Lake, Salmon Lake, Placid Lake, Seeley Lake, Lake Inez, Lake Alva, Rainy Lake, Summit Lake, Holland Lake, and Swan Lake.  A truly beautiful drive.




We stayed in Seeley Lake Thursday night so we could visit with our friend Evelyn. Strange how life works sometimes. Evelyn also worked for the IRS in Billings, MT. However, that is not where I met her. I actually met her in Washington DC when she came to work for the IRS out there. She ended up sitting at the desk behind me and we became great friends.




Evelyn owns 64 acres of land on a private lake in Seeley which she has put up for sale. She has been a snowbird to Yuma, AZ for many years but has decided that she would prefer to spend most of her time in Yuma with short visits to her son in Helena.

Views from her deck.



We had lunch at The Filling Station which was excellent. Lots of fun stuff.

P1000205 P1000209

Then we went back to her cabin on the lake. There is also a big house which she has rented out so she is staying in the cabin this summer. Jim had a great time fishing while Evelyn and I caught up on news and watched a movie.


Friday, on to Helena which is where we are now. We’ll be here for a couple of weeks so Jim can do some more fishing. We also have a small bulge in our trailer tire that needs to get taken care of.

One more picture of this beautiful valley.


And a couple of cloud pictures.




  1. You have given me more places in Montana to include in our some day list of places to visit. Thank you!

  2. Oh what beautiful photos. Evelyn has a gorgeous place.
    I really like the picture of Jim. Looks so peaceful.

  3. Have heard that Bob Marshall Wilderness is beautiful place!!

  4. Hey, an opportunity for a summer lake place for Jim to fish all summer..... Park the trailer next to the cabin......! Keep the renters to pay the bills....

  5. I had the same though as Rod/Loyce. I can imagine Jim liking owning his own piece of lake property. Just be sure your renters understand they are responsible for mowing and other caretaking. :)

  6. There sure is some nice looking country out that way. Nice photos.

  7. It is always so much fun to run into old friends once again. Lots of catching up to do.

  8. Michael's Mom and Dad lived in Seeley Lake for years and we've eaten many a meal at the Filling Station. Great little community.

  9. Any bulge in a trailer tire isn't a good thing. Did you buy the 65 acres? Love the pictures. They are gorgeous.

  10. Seeley Lake looks like a beautiful spot. It must be tough to give up a place like that for the Yuma desert.

  11. Beautiful property your friend has. Nice you had time to visit and for Jim to fish a bit. Enjoyed your pictures.

  12. I have to get to Montana. Not only can I enjoy its beauty but I can have some of that pie that solves all my problems! ;c)

  13. Good to see you guys. Miss you!

  14. Pie does fix everything

    Great photos

  15. glad you two are still enjoying yourselves!!!..hope that Jim has some luck with the fishing!!!..sure wish were were still in Montana!

  16. We are soon headed to the mountains, can't wait. Beautiful photos, makes me want to be there now. :)

  17. Beautiful photos. Great to see Jim fishing.

    Agreed - Pie does fix everything.

    Thanks for sharing.


  18. aw man... how I love it there.... I got a picture of that pie sign too... HAHaaaaa.... Montana is such an open friendly place.

    LOVED seeing these pictures of that gorgeous gorgeous area....

    finally got wifi and trying to catch up!


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