Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Ladle??? You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

Billings, MT   High 94   Low 58


Good News! Skitz doesn’t have diabetes. Dr. Mike thinks maybe she has a bladder infection. But the only way to find out for sure is to do a urinalysis. And for that you need urine.

Those of you with female dogs know that they squat very low to the ground, especially when they have really short legs. There is no way that sterile cup is going to fit under her.

Dr. Mike suggests we use a ladle. Good grief. We didn’t bring our home which means we do not have any kitchen utensils with us. Thank goodness for Walmart (I really do not like that store but it was nearby). Now Jim has his ladle. This definitely is going to be his job.


We don’t need to worry about her needing to pee because she is drinking so much water. Out she goes with Jim and his ladle and me and my camera.

Okay, Skitz, let’s get this show on the road.


Finally. Success. The ladle really does work well. Skitz didn’t even realize it was under her so she didn’t freak out.


Off to the vet with the sample. Takes three hours at least to process and we want to get out of town. Wait, wait, wait.

This greets you when you come into the vet’s office. Jim tried to talk them into giving it to us.


They have this really cute fan and I wanted to put it in my purse but they kept a really close eye on us.


No bladder infection. Dr. Mike doesn’t know what else it could be. He suggests we keep an eye on her to see if the situation gets worse. He says it could just be the heat that has finally gotten to her.

The good news is she has actually made it through the last couple of nights without having to go out. Fingers are crossed she is going to be okay. If we still don’t think everything is right she will need to have blood work done.

A fire was being fought just a few miles from town. They’re saying that it was a cigarette thrown out of a car that started it. One home and garage burned. This is the smoke we could see from our motel.



Drove home this afternoon and the entire state is under a blanket of smoke.

Extremely happy to be home even if it is rockin’ and rollin’ with the wind as another cold front comes through.


  1. What a hoot seeing Jim with that ladle. Now that is something neither Paul nor I have ever had to do!
    Skitz looks pretty happy on that chair.

  2. Doggies just don't have the desire to cooperate with things like that. Glad Jim was able to be surreptitious!

  3. Good news about Skitz. Aside from being rrewyyuiop[[lkllkjjhhjgfdfsasdzxccv bnm,.m./,,mn`

  4. Huh? Cold front?? Won't have that here, no Sir! Neat trick with that ladle. Would never have thought of it.
    Nice pic of Skitz in that chair!

  5. Now, my whole comment disappeared. Sheesh! Well, I'll forget my long winded story (maybe it wasn't meant to be told) and just wish that all is well with Skittlz. I'll check in to see.

  6. How funny is that??!! I bet that fish at the Vet's office now has an alarm on it if he knows Jim very well.

    We have seen several places right off the highway with big burns. We always guess that those were started with cigarettes. Some people are just too lazy to use the ash tray. Come to think of it ... do they even put those in cars anymore? I don't think we have one in our car.

  7. I will never be able to look at a ladle the same way again :)

  8. I hope Skitz is feeling better soon.

  9. So glad to hear Skittles doesn't have diabetes. Very hard to manage in dogs. When we check Poppy's urine we use one of those tennis balls throwers! Works great, no bending over, wash, and it's just fine to use again. No we don't throw balls with it anymore lol!!

  10. Well, I hate to laugh, because she could really be sick, but your post is hysterical, and I couldn't help myself!

  11. sorry had to laugh..you are the second one this week that had to 'catch a urine sample'..
    I can remember chasing our first 'golden girl' in the backyard with a pie plate to catch some 'gold'!

  12. The things we do for our fur kids. :)

  13. Jim is really good--if we tried that with Emmi girl she would freak! Send that cold front this way, it never cooled off last night--unusual.

  14. Had to do that once with Emma. What a hoot!

  15. How embarrassing for Skittlez! Hope she's feeling better soon.

    Stay safe up there...those fires are scary.


  16. Great news that Skittles doesn't have diabetes.

  17. I'm sorry, but I got a great big belly laugh out of the picture of Jim using the ladle. What we won't do for our "kids".

  18. Please, oh please don't get that ladle confused with kitchen tools. Just kidding. Happy to see that Skittles is a-ok in the no diabetes department.

  19. So glad to hear that Skittles was diabetes free. I can't imagine trying to do that with the Traveling Longdogs. They wouldn't lite long enough for me to get it.

  20. Glad to hear Skittles doesn't have diabetes, hope she gets back to feeling 100% soon. Nice welcome sign in the Doc's office, can't blame Jim for trying.

  21. So glad to hear Skittles doesn't have diabetes. Never thought of Jim as being a ladle guy but, when you have pets you do what you need to. So cute!

  22. hahahaha. The reason she has had two dry nights is because she sure doesn't want all this attention during her private potty time.

  23. Methinks you were having too much fun photographing the ladle event! But I would not have thought of that -- good idea! I hope you can get to the Uh...bottom..of her trubbles though. Poor Skittles.


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