Thursday, August 9, 2012


Helena, MT   High 97   Low 54


My sister’s granddaughter, Courtney, came to visit her grandma. This is a big deal because Courtney just got her driver’s license and a new-to-her car.


To celebrate the occasion, Courtney and Judy made peanut butter cookies. I got to enjoy the fruits of their labors. They were really good.


Courtney is going to be a Sophomore this year and has soccer tryouts next week. She’s sure hoping she makes the varsity squad.

I sure do love this RV lifestyle and all the wonderful people we get to meet. In April of 2010 we met  Paul and Mary in Prescott, AZ. Spent some great times exploring the area with them.


We had thought that we were going to meet up with them in Kalispell along with Sue and Doug.  But their air conditioner decided they needed to stay in Colorado for a lot longer and they didn’t make it to Montana this year.

Got an e-mail from them letting us know that friends of theirs were camped in Helena. We hooked up with Steve and Cathy on their last night in town and headed out for dinner at the Windbag Saloon on Last Chance Gulch.

The only way to finish up a great dinner is a stop at the ice cream parlor. Just look at the line on this hot summer night.


Three very happy people.(I’m not an ice cream lover so no cone for me.)


                           Steve, Cathy, and Jim

We then gave them a short tour of the Helena Valley and out to Lake Helena. Really enjoyed our time with them and look forward to seeing them somewhere on the road again.

(Paul and Mary – keep sending new friends our way.)


  1. We met Boris and Natasha (Paul & Mary) in Pensacola last January. Great folks, we had a blast with them.

    Amazing how many nice folks are out there in the RV world, even the ones that don't eat ice cream. ;c)

  2. It is a strange feeling when your GRANDCHILD pulls up in your driveway--you know you're old!

    Sometimes I'd point to an antique shop when we were driving along and Rich would say, "Nancy, I can't stop this thing on a dime."

    It was amazing how quickly it could stop for an ice cream parlor! LOL

    Sandie and Jim, I don't know how many people you know, but you certainly have the corner on RV friendships. Understandable since you're such a nice couple.

  3. Love those cookies and how can you not like ice cream? Its my favorite!

  4. Those ice cream eaters look pretty happy! We're so glad y'all were able to connect. Seeing our friends meet up and following their adventures across Montana is the next best thing to actually being there!

    We look forward to seeing y'all down the road.

  5. I am still trying to wrap my head around not liking ice cream!!! Really??? I am sad....

  6. Two things to say: I'm with Sandie on the ice cream front. Just give me a bowl of homemade hot buttered popcorn instead!

    And, what an appropriate place for bloggers to meet: The Windbag Saloon. :)

  7. I just knew there was something strange about you--not liking ice cream???? :))

  8. Wait those are peanut butter blossom cookies. I LOVE those cookies. I usually end up eating the Kisses before they get in the cookie.

  9. Cookies, good eats and ice cream, sounds great.

  10. Hope to meet up with Paul and Mary someday. Ice cream too.

    I made peanut butter cookies today too but that looks like a great idea putting the Kiss in the middle.

  11. I'd have skipped the cookies and gone for the ice cream--dairy allergy be damned.

  12. I like ice cream and you know Terry LOVES it. We do meet some pretty great people .. don't we?

  13. even though you don't eat ice are okay in our books too!..nice that you got to meet more friends of Paul and Mary's!..we are a 'nice' group!!

  14. Ice cream is one of my favorite summer treats.

  15. Don't like ice cream eh. Well, that's OK.....more for the rest of us:))

  16. Looks like Jim got the super-duper multi-scoop cone - my favourite.


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