Monday, August 27, 2012


Helena, MT  high 94  low 53

I graduated from Sidney Senior High School in Sidney, MT in 1967. We had an interesting class. Several teachers resigned or asked to be moved to another grade so they wouldn’t have to deal with us. We were told, by a teacher, that none of us would ever amount to anything. But we sure didn’t let that stop us. And we have formed friendships that surpass the passage of time.

On Saturday, some of those classmates and a few spouses were able to get together in Helena for a day of fun and reminiscing.


P1000349 We took the Last Chance Tour Train in the morning. I’ve covered most of the tour in my previous posts but it was fun to hear about it from the tour guide. Especially one who is a history teacher and really enjoys what he is doing.

After the tour train we headed down to Fusion Grille for lunch.


Just look at this food. Sooo Good!



After lunch we headed out to Holter Lake for the Gates of the Mountain boat tour. (That needs to be a separate post.)

Time for a quick refreshment after the boat ride before moving on to our next stop.



One of our group has the following book. Can you guess where this is leading?


Mary Francis and Steve have decided to visit every bar in the book and have it signed by the bartenders and other patrons. There was a bar they needed to visit in Helena and some of the group headed off to keep them company.

Welcome to the Rialto. This bar has been in downtown Helena since at least the 1970’s.  It was still rather early (we are “more mature” remember) and there were few patrons so we had the place to ourselves. A wonderful time and a great way to end our day together.



Sure hope we can have another get together next summer.


  1. what a fun way to spend the day!..I am sure you 'students' weren't as bad as the teachers said you were?

  2. The saloon on the front of that book reminds us of one we visited in Big Timber, Montana, just a few years ago. What a fun place that was! Good food there as well. We had an Indian Taco that was to die for. What a great challenge, to visit them all. Especially if you plan to partake heartily, as befits Montana!

  3. You are becoming quite the "tour"ist! Even a wet-your-whistle tour stop, how cool.

    Did you behave or revert to your high school antics? ;c)

  4. I wonder what your teacher would think now if you told her you were homeless??? Would she say, "told ya"?

    Sounds like a fun filled day with lots of OLD friends.

  5. Sounds fun! Makes me wonder where my old gang are and what they are doing. I kept in touch with a few after high school but I've only seen one of them in the years since we all grew up and moved away. I wonder if any others have moved back?

  6. Seems like more fun than a stuffy reunion party! :)

  7. Much better than an official high school reunion party!

  8. Looks like fun and I can just see a hint of why those teachers thought your year group was going to be trouble:)

  9. I bet they know the song "I love this bar".

  10. You say we do a ton in one day...what time did you start to get all that in...6 a.m.?
    What a cool idea about visiting all those bars. I bet they have met some really interesting people AND have seen some very interesting sites....hehe

  11. Sure looked and sounded like a fun time. Delicious looking food. Glad you had a great time!

  12. That sounded like a blast getting together with all your former classmates. I guess you showed up your teachers.

  13. It is always nice to meet friends from the past and catch up.
    We always say that when we meet after a long time that we get together tell stories (not always true) and go home till the next time.

  14. So glad to see you guys are still having FUN FUN FUN !


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