Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Helena, MT  High 99   Low 58

Jim went fishing this morning. Not much luck catching. On his way home the truck went into power saver mode AGAIN!! This makes the 4th time since June. The dealers have replaced filters and EGR’s and cleaned everything and who knows what all else. So back it goes into the shop tomorrow. So very frustrating. At least he wasn’t towing the fifth wheel, just the boat.

Then he had to take the tire into the Firestone shop to find out why we have a bulge in the tire. While he was doing that our power went out.

Next day updates.

They really don’t know what is wrong with the truck. It could be this, it could be that, or it could be whatever. Jim doesn’t appreciate those kinds of answers so he had them replace the air filter and we’re hoping we can get back to Billings. Then he can take the truck into his old dealership and have people he knows and trusts look at it for us.

Found out that the bulge in the tire is normal. It’s the way radial tires are constructed. So nothing to worry about in that department. I guess they have issued news releases about this issue because so many people were bringing tires back.

Our power is back on. And we are so thankful for our surge guard. The power box we are hooked to is probably 30 years old if not older. We blew a fuse and burned up a wire. The Lord was certainly watching over us, because it could have caused a massive fire in this dry, dry area. Also, without our surge guard, we probably would have burned up the air conditioner as well as who knows what else.


Montana Power came out to check things out and were able to fix everything. I stayed out of the picture so I really don’t know how it all got fixed. All I know is that we have air conditioning again. Since today is going to be record heat, I am really grateful for that.

So all is well in our world again. Jim is back fishing. Tonight we’re going to dinner with new friends that we haven’t met yet.


  1. Sure can be frustrating when the trucks do that and they aren't sure why. Our new 2012 just had the check engine light go on yesterday, have to go in and see what's up. Scary looking at that burnt wire. Have a great day!

  2. nice to get an update from you Sandie..hope the truck is back to normal soon..and as for the burned wire? glad that things weren't worse!..try and stay cool..we had thunder, lightning and rain last night and this morning it is cloudy and rainy!..where did summer go?

  3. That Check Engine light fiasco is the reason I went out and bought a diagnostic tool right off the bat a long, long time ago. Best investment I ever made. Sometimes it's a loose gas cap. I don't need some dealer charging me an arm and a leg to tell me that.
    Sure hope they can figure out your truck. Too many gizmos as far as I'm concerned.
    At least your air is back on. The days of being without air conditioning are long in my past, as I'm sure it is in yours as well.

  4. Three cheers for the Surge Guard! And, watch out for those folks you're having dinner with tonight! They're Cornhusker fans!!!!

    Have fun! We so wish we were there. We'll definitely be with y'all in spirit!

  5. We are so thank for also for our surge guard. This campground is having some major problems with everyone having their air conditioners on 24/7. We rarely turn ours on because we are outside so much. When we did turn one on...everything went out. Finally after getting the electrician here, they know they have a major problem. Hopefully ours will get straightened out very soon.

  6. I never heard about bulges in a tire being OK, but it's good to know.

  7. A Surge Guard was one of our first investments after buying our Alfa. We don't know when it will save our rig, but we are sure it might some day. Why aren't they built in from the start?

  8. OBviously pie didn't work this time... and well, yeah hooray for surge guards

  9. Gotta have a surge guard without a doubt

  10. Fishing versus Catching - I got it! lol

    You have had some major frustrations. I think the only way to look at it is - it could have been worse.

    I also think that it is worth giving PIE a chance.

    Tomorrow is another day.

    Take Care and Stay Safe,


  11. I love those service guys with vague ideas about what is wrong when they charge over $100 an hour.

    I never plug into power without that surge guard in place:)

  12. My Surge Guard has saved us twice from mis wired pedestals. They are worth every penny.

    Wish they'd go back to the old way on trucks, with no computers. You could fix things yourself that way. Wishing you good luck on your trip back to the right dealership.

  13. Hope you get everything worked out sooner than later. We don't like problems because problems cause stress. Thank goodness for surge guards. Yours probably saved a lot of damage.

  14. Wouldn't be without our surge guard. That burned wire looks mighty scary. Sure hope you get an answer on your truck. How frustrating.

  15. Glad to hear you got everything fixed. It's amazing how things always break at the same time. No air conditioning is a BIG problem in that heat at least you get some cooling at night we only get down to about 78 muggy degrees at night.

  16. Glad everything worked out with the wire, scary stuff indeed.

    I guess it's time to invest in a surge protector, now that I replaced our converter due to......yep a power surge.

  17. Just read your post. So I see we are not the only ones with vehicle issues. Glad yours is all fixed. Hopefully ours will be by Wednesday.


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