Saturday, September 5, 2009


This was our welcome to Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD. Isn't he beautiful?

Hart Ranch is a membership campground. They offer a special of three nights for $40 if you listen to their presentation. The presentation is very low key and was only about 30 minutes long. Nice place but I can't imagine wanting to come back to this area every year to make the membership worthwhile.

Jan and Bill were at a campground just down the highway from us so they came up to see us. Jim was having all kinds of problems because none of our slides would work. He finally was able to get the batteries out and flip the breaker and we could set up the house. Thank goodness. After Jan and Bill showed up we called Jana and Mike. They came over and the six of us went to dinner at an old diner in Rapid City. Had a great time visiting with everybody.

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