Thursday, September 10, 2009


This is where you end up when you follow the GPS to the campground. Do you see anywhere to turn around a truck with a fiver on the back? But to give the GPS it's due - the directions in the Passport America book gave the same directions. We ended up about 2 1/2 miles down this road before we found a place that Jim was able to get us turned around. We were told to go north - should have gone south. Got to the campground a little later than we planned on.


  1. oh no...that's scary. Glad you found a place to turn around.

  2. We always check directions on Google Earth, complete with overhead views to make sure there is really an RV park there. We learned that the hard way after being directed under a 12' bridge by Gypsy... luckily, we noticed the height warning about 50 feet before we reached the overpass, sometimes we don't like her much. She is very good at getting us home when we're lost, but we argue a lot when driving the RV. It takes her a long time to figure out what route we are taking. I know we can program waypoints, but it's more fun to use a map and argue with her until she figures us out. PS, the dog beach is beautiful, yet not technically legal. We understand that the patrols are rare and at worst will ask you to remove the dogs from the beach. There were other dog tracks on the beach and other dogs. Easy directions, e-mail us @ What parks are you considering while here? There are a lot of them and I wouldn't mind checking some out for you if you want. Porter


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