Monday, September 14, 2009


I love driving around in this area because it is an Amish Community and the buggies are everywhere. There are also a lot of bicycles because the Amish also use them if the horses are being used elsewhere. So you drive slowly and carefully.

They also have excellent restaurants. We ate at the Das Dutchman Essenhaus Restaurant. The following is a quote from their web site:
Featuring entrees like broasted chicken, tender roast beef, juicy baked steak, real mashed potatoes with rich homemade gravy, made-from-scratch noodles, and more. Our family-style dinners also come with homemade bread dressing, tossed salad with our own special dressings, choice of corn or green beans, bread with apple butter and our own Amish peanut butter spread, beverage and a dessert. We are pleased to offer 29 varieties of pie in our restaurant and whole pies are also available to purchase from our home-style bakery just down the hall from our restaurant.
Jim had the broasted chicken and it was the best he has ever had. I had the chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes. It was so good. Before we leave town I want to go back and try their breakfast buffet. Breakfast just happens to be Jim's favorite meal.
Here are some fun facts about the Das Dutchman Essenhaus:
On a busy day they will serve over 7,000 guests and use 5,225 pounds of ice.
The bakery produced a record number of 2,103 pies in one day.
In one week the bakery uses: 2,100 dozen eggs, 2,700 lbs of white sugar, 60 gallons of apple butter, 3.5 tons (TONS) of potatoes, 3,600 chickens, 3,090 lbs of roast beef, and 2,990 heads of lettuce.
They make us to 21 tons of noodles in one week and purchase bulk flor in 2,200 lb bags.
Hard to comprehend those amounts of food.

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  1. Shipshewana is such a neat little town. Taking a buggy ride and strolling the shops - lots of fun. Didn't get to eat in that restaurant, but am now adding it on my "to do" list after reading your post. Next time I want to have dinner at one of the Amish homes too.


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