Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A brief history of this unique little town. Their history has unfolded around its hot springs. The Ancients of pre-history built pit homes and pueblo-like dwellings and farmed the surrounding area. They gathered round the hot springs for socializing and healing. Then Apache roamed the region using the hot springs for gathering and healing.

In 1598, Juan de Onate and his troops moved northward through New Mexico, followed by Spanish settlers. They built homes and villages, and farmed the canyons in this area. In the 1800s, the Apache was driven out, allowing more white settlers to arrive and develop ranching and mining activities.

The town was known as Hot Springs until 1950. In late 1949 Ralph Edwards issued a challenge for a U.S. town to change its name in celebration of his show's 10th anniversary. Hot Springs was slected and in 1950 changed it's name to Truth or Consequences.

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