Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The best part of boondocking is the view from your living room window. Also, on Tuesday night the coyotes were in our campground singing to us. It was too dark to see them but it was wonderful to hear them. Scooter had to challenge them but only from the safety of the bedroom.

The worst part, for me, was the bugs. Anyone who knows me very well, knows that I don't tolerant bugs well. In fact, I can get pretty hysterical about them. But I am working on this problem that I have and Jim is willing to compromise with me. So at night, before he takes the girl's out for a walk or he goes out to shut off the generator, we turn out all the lights inside the RV. Then he can go can out and come back in as quick as possible so the door isn't open very long. Then we can turn a light back on.

Alamo Lake is 38 miles from the nearest "town" which has a gas station, a small store, and a restaurant. There is a dump station not far from where we camped (a dump station is where you can empty your tanks from the bathroom and the kitchen) but to get to the dump station, you have to put everything away in the RV, pull in all the slides, and hitch up. Which means when you come back to you have to relevel the RV, unhitch, put out the slides and do all of the stuff all over again. So you want to avoid this as much as possible.

Therefore, you have to be very conscious of not wasting any water. Showers are short and not every day unless you use the showers at the other campground. Dishes are paper with plastic silverware that can be thrown away. I was really proud of us that we made it for the whole week without having to go dump.
Also, I could not have toast every morning for breakfast unless Jim ran the generator. Toaster's don't work off of 12 volt power. I really did learn a lot while we were out there.

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