Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Okay - here's the deal. I do not like bugs, snakes or lizards. And I mean I really don't like them. And guess what Alamo Lake has a lot of. All of the above.

But I ended up having a really great experience. As long as Jim can fish, he's having a great time.

We met up with a group called the R(o)Ving Rods, a bunch of people who like to fish and eat and visit and have fun. Didn't know any of these people but they welcomed us with open arms and lots of food and fun.

By the way, there were no hookups where we were camping. Alamo Lake does have some full hookups and some electric sites - but these people don't believe in that kind of thing. So boondocking was the name of the game and that's a game I'm not sure how to play. Quite a challenge.

Isn't this a gorgeous picture of the lake?

Alamo Lake is a nice size lake out in the middle of the desert. But it is an extremely popular spot for fishing and camping.

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