Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Apache Junction, AZ  High 58  Low 44 Rain

Gigabytes again – finally!!  Now maybe I can finish up those stupid tax returns. And then have some fun time reading blogs.

We have been having winter here in Arizona. Up in the Flagstaff area they have gotten lots of snow which sure makes the ski resorts happy. Down here in the valley, it’s rain and cold (for us).

This has been a stay-at-home week except it seems like we were really busy with chores and Jim took Scooter hunting for rabbits several times. Skittlez just wants to stay inside on my lap under a blanket.

Monday was a nice change of pace. Ray and Cindy arrived in Mesa and called to invite us to lunch. I got hold of Paul and Rod and we all met up at Old Chicago in Mesa. Well, all of us except Cindy. She wasn’t feeling good and we really missed her.

Service was definitely lacking and we couldn’t even find anybody to take our picture. So Paul volunteered to take the picture of the rest of us. As you can tell from all the coats and sweaters – the sun is not cooperating. It was raining and chilly but warm company.

 Ray, Rod, Me and JimMarch 2015Not sure when Jim will ever be able to get out on the lake again. Come on Sun – shine.


  1. Fun with friends........priceless. No fishing............frustrating. Scooter hunting rabbits...........too funny.

  2. I don't blame Skittles. I'd choose the blanket too!

  3. But I see the man is still wearing shorts, so maybe he's pretending that it's not cold! :-)

  4. No matter what the weather we can always find something to do, soon be warm again for you, sooner than here.

  5. We are right there with the warmth. We go to the Indians' game today and not sure what to to wear.

    So sorry we missed the luncheon, We should have changed our plans. We spent waaaay too much money that day.

  6. I want to imagine the dog hunting rabbits! Any luck?

  7. Can't be that cold, Jim is wearing shorts! :cD

  8. It's chilly here in Columbus, NM too--and windy! But this is all just a part of the transition from one season to the next. Friends in the NW are all telling us what a nice winter we've missed. Our reply--'it's not always about the weather.' Have a good day, Sandie.

  9. At least you did not have to use a shovel to get to the restaurant:)

  10. No cool weather here, in fact we're having to run the AC constantly, so I'm wishing for a little cooler. Can we never be happy? :)

  11. Hi There, After the winter we have had here (wicked and destructive)---I'm about ready to move to Arizona---at least in the winter...

    Glad you met up with your friends. Sorry about the service... Bad service always drives me crazy!!! No excuse in that.



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