Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shopping and Food

Apache Junction, AZ  High 87   Low 58

Our day started early as we were on the road at 7:15.

First stop – Mesa Swap Meet. I wasn’t sure if Todd and Michaela would enjoy themselves but I needed to buy a hat I had seen earlier. They had so much fun wandering the aisles. Jim and I did our shopping and then sat down and waited for them. We wanted to get there early because if you wait until 9:00 or later the place becomes so crowded you can’t even see the vendors wares.

Michaela is an artist and several items captured her eye.





We finally drug them out of the swap meet and decided it was time for some breakfast. One of Todd’s requests was to go to Krispy Kreme for a sprinkled donut. Score!


Right across the street was a Jack-in-the-Box. Since they had never been to one we decided to try out their breakfast. We would definitely do that again.

Todd’s breakfast.


Our day is just beginning but I’m going to make three posts out of it because I have a whole bunch of pictures to share.


  1. You make dieting difficult.

  2. No, Joeh, she makes it impossible!

    I love the Jack in the Box big cheeseburger. I think they run under $2.00 but they are the best on the menu.

    You've got to admit that swap meet has lots of interesting stuff especially to folks who have never been there.

  3. Jack in the box has some good looking breakfast sandwiches. We're going to have to try one sometime.

  4. I love the turtle hanging. Crispy Creams aren't bad. Never had Jack in the Box breakfast but I sure love their Southwest Chicken salads.

  5. Have to enjoy those crispy creams with the picture...... blood sugar meter spiked in the other room..

  6. Another fun day, and Krispy Kreme donuts, has been years since we had one, too addictive ! LOL..

  7. Love the art. The donuts make me sad because I will not be eating that kind of treats anymore.

  8. That are was very lovely! Your talk of food is making me hungry!

  9. How about sharing some of those donuts??? ;c)

  10. We did a nice local contributions when we visited that swamp meet...hehe

  11. Krispy Kreme has a great pumpkin spice donut around Halloween and Thanksgiving.


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