Saturday, March 14, 2015

They’re Here

Apache Junction, AZ  High 87  Low 56


Our son, Todd, and his wife, Michaela, arrived on Thursday and will be here until they leave really early Tuesday morning. We have lots and lots of good times planned and I just hope I can keep up. Jim hangs in there a whole lot better than I do.


As soon as they got their luggage, they announced that they were hungry so we headed straight up to Superior for a Porter’s burger for lunch.



Superior was getting ready for their Mining Festival and the carnival rides were set up in the middle of the street in front of Porter’s. Sure didn’t stop folks from getting to Porter’s. It was packed.


After enjoying our burgers we took them back to the park. We set up the Bungalow on a lot so they could have their own place and it is working out perfectly. We fed the girls and walked them. Then we headed out again. More later.

Update on Skittlez: The Zrytec were a big bust for us. They gave my poor little girl bloody diarrhea. Immediately stopped giving her any of those on Friday and her stools were soft but formed with no blood in them. Called the vet Saturday morning and they had a prescription antihistamine with very few side effects. So we ran over there to get that. Gave Skittlez 1/2 pill last night and we woke up to bloody diarrhea again this morning. No more of those! Today (Sunday) I put her back on Benadryl because that at least knocks her out so she quits scratching. Her poor little body is covered in sores and I’ve put Neosporin all over them. Another call to the vet in the morning. I just feel so bad for her.


  1. Very sorry about your puppy... hope she is better soon! Enjoy your kids there... a special time, to be sure!

  2. Good idea with the Bungalow. Enjoy your family! Poor Skittlez.

  3. Sorry to hear about the medication issues for Skittlez. Poor pooch, and they don't know what is wrong and how hard your are trying to help.

  4. Happy that your son and his wife are there to spend some time with you. It is always so nice to have family around. :-)

    So sorry to hear about Skittlez, poor wee thing, sure hope you can find something that will help her out and make her comfortable.

  5. Poor little Skittles. She must be so miserable. I wonder if they could give her a steroid.

    Have fun with your kiddos. You may need to tell them to start making babies!

  6. Poor Skittlez, hope you find something to give her relief.
    Have a great visit with your kids :)

  7. So nice to have the family visit, enjoy your time with them.

  8. Oh no! I don't think I'd give skittles anything else that vet prescribes. It's no fun when our furr family isn't feeling well.

    Enjoy those kids. We love the time we spend with family.

  9. Poor puppy!!! It's so hard when we can't explain to them what is happening! Enjoy your visit!

  10. I feel bad for your pup. I hope there's a solution found for her soon!

  11. Just remember to pace yourself. I know you've been anxious for their visit. The bungalow is perfect for a guest room.

  12. Sorry to hear about poor Skittlez. And here I was thinking about trying Zrytec. I'm sure you'll have a great time with the kids.

  13. Poor Skitz. It is hard to be sick but even harder when you can't do anything about it.

    I love the idea of the Bungalow as guest quarters! Good thinking!

  14. Have a great visit!

    Hope Skittles heals faster now that you've got her back on a med you know works.

  15. Oh we feel so badly for Skittlez. I will send up a prayer for her! We just had Bella to the Vet because she kept biting at her tail. She was pulling out hair. The Vet said it was an allergy and gave her an injection of Depo-Medro. She is doing great.

    Hope you are having a great time with the kids.

  16. How exciting to have your son and his wife for a visit !! And what a brilliant idea to set up the bungalow for them. You'll definitely be exhausted by the time they leave though. LOL

    Bloody diarrhea would scare 'da crap outta me if Bennie had that.

  17. Have a fun visit with your son & DIL. Poor Skittlez--I would try daily probiotic capsules. They will help boost her immune system so she can resist the allergens. Contrary to what people think, yogurt doesn't have enough probiotics to really be therapeutic. I wonder if the increased temps this time of the year are just a blip or will become typical? Take good care, you two!

  18. Always tough when our furkids are ailing isn't it. Hope she is better by now.


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