Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Butterfly Wonderland

Apache Junction, AZ  High 88  Low 59


After our breakfast on Friday we headed for the Butterfly House in Scottsdale. I have wanted to go there since they opened in 2013 and it was on Michaela’s wish list. 

20150313_112928Butterfly Wonderland is the largest butterfly atrium in the United States and is located on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian land. To Native Americans the butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and color and a miracle of transformation and resurrection – rebirth and regeneration.


It is rather expensive ($19.95 for Todd and Michaela and $17.95 for us “older” folks) but we all thought it was worth the price.


They show a 3-D movie about the Monarch butterflies life cycle and migration at the beginning and it was amazing. Definitely not to be missed.


After the movie you enter the Butterfly Emergence Gallery which shows the metamorphosis stage of the butterfly. At first glance you might think it is a fake set-up, but look closely and you can see the movement inside. Once the butterflies emerge they are taken into the Butterfly Conservatory.


The Conservatory is a glass-enclosed atrium which is home to thousands of butterflies in a tropical rainforest environment.




We took hundreds of pictures and it really is hard to pick just a few for this post. The experience of these butterflies flying and landing everywhere (even on people) was breathtaking.


It seemed to us that those who wore white attracted more butterflies. Jim definitely had more land on him then the rest of us.


Because the Conservatory’s setting is a tropical rain forest expect it to be very warm and extremely humid.




Arizona has a state butterfly which is the two-tailed swallow tailed butterfly.

twotailedswallowtailThis photograph was provided by Bruce Walsh at the University of Arizona Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The only negative thing about our experience was the fact that it was spring break and the place was extremely busy. I will say though that the children were quite well behaved.

Back home to feed and walk the girls and then on to more excitement.


  1. That looks like a place I'd enjoy visiting. The butterflies are stunning in their beauty!

  2. I'd love to go there! What gorgeous colors!!!!

  3. What gorgeous butterflies. I can see why you had trouble picking out the ones to post. Sometimes it really is hard. The winners sure were great shots.

  4. Oh my gosh....this is just such a beautiful post. I love, love, love all the photos. I have never seen such colorful beauties. I told Paul...I told you so...I knew we should have gone.
    Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photos. I could have looked all your hundreds of ones and love every minute of it.

  5. Great butterfly shots, I know how hard they are to get:)


  6. what a treat! So glad you all were able to go.

  7. Butterflies are the only kind of insects I like. We have been to the butterfly gardens near Victoria, BC and it was a fun experience!

  8. Butterflies are the only kind of insects I like. We have been to the butterfly gardens near Victoria, BC and it was a fun experience!

  9. Now I would really enjoy visiting that Butterfly House - such beauty in there!!

  10. I never knew about a butterfly place in Arizona! I'll have to add it to my bucket list!

  11. Excellent pictures, love all the colors.

  12. I tested my first digital camera out many years ago by taking pictures of butterflies at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD. I actually read the instructions first and they were the best set of pictures I ever took.

    If you are ever in the Wheaton, MD area, check it out. Plus it's free, or was 10 years ago when we left the area.

  13. We've thought about it, until we found out about the price. If you say it's worth it, then we'll have to go.

  14. I'm finally catching up with blogs. Looks like you are having a great week with your family.

  15. As I was reading your blog I found that we follow many of the same blogs. I also noticed that y'all are also in Apache Junction. We are winding down our stay, heading out April 1st. Judy and I are staying at Superstition Sunrise RV Resort. If you have some free time maybe we could meet before we leave. I love Mickey D's Café!
    The Meandering Maddox's (blog)


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