Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Hour

Apache Junction, AZ  High 68  Low 52

Toni and Doug left us on Thursday and are making their way slowly north.

Jim finally got to go fishing but he wasn’t feeling very good so he didn’t stay out too long. Has a problem with one of the depth finders so he needs to work on that before we goes out again.

Friday afternoon was Happy Hour at the San Tan Brewery in Chandler with Jeri and Terry, Paul and Marsha, and John and Sharon. We were able to solve several world problems as well as down some good food and some of the group got to enjoy several local brews.

Paul, Marsha, Jeri, Terry, Jim, me, John and Sharon

happy hour

happy Saturday we went to visit Aunt Happy. She is feeling really good but she was not happy. Guess someone had gone to the store for her and she needed a liquid hand soap refill. The one they bought was “red”. Aunt Happy is a “pink” person. Everything in her apartment is pink especially in her bathroom. However, when she filled her soap dispenser the red soap looked pinker. But then she couldn’t make the dispenser work. Jim got it working again. Also fixed her earrings so they wouldn’t fall off. She always has some little jobs for Jim to take care of that she just isn’t capable of doing any longer.

Sunday we watched the Daytona 500. Yesterday the weather was cloudy and gloomy so we stayed close to home.

Today Paul picked us up in his new Jeep and we headed out for breakfast. Went to The Good Egg and enjoyed a fantastic breakfast. Their bacon is really really good and so is the French toast. Nice change of pace to go out for breakfast instead of dinner.

After we got home Paul and Marsha came over. We had a great visit and Marsha brought us a loaf of her zucchini bread with cranberries and raisins. It was too die for.

Weather doesn’t look all that good for the next week and a half. Time to dig out a good book.


  1. busy socializing as always! nice to see everyone's smiling faces!

  2. I bet as many world problems get solved at happy hour as any other time! I think Aunt Happy looks pretty good. That's cute about her having little jobs for Jim to do. Sometimes I think I do that with my son-in-law Donald!

  3. Nice that you all did get together for that Happy Hour, nice photo.

  4. of course the weather would change as we start traveling back east...

  5. As soon as I saw Aunt Happy's face, I knew this wasn't going to be a pretty story....lol Glad the hand soap lots some of its bright red color.

    So much fun getting together with you two again yesterday. Thanks for all the help on our route east. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.

  6. Sounds like a nice time. Stay warm through the chill.

  7. Aunt Happy and I might not get along too well. My least favorite color in the world is pink. ;)

  8. The photo of the group looks like a good bunch and they look happy and healthy!

  9. Nothing like a good happy hour to put several of the world's problems to bed.

  10. Glad Jim was able to fix Aunt Happy's soap dispenser so she was "in the pink"... ;c)

    You guys as such social butterflies!

  11. How funny. Aunt Happy needs to reminded why her name is Happy at times I think.

  12. Is there anything better than a good breakfast? I think not.

  13. Poor Aunt Happy. Reminds me of the song title.....Little things mean alot. It does not take much to upset those who are older, does it.

    Sure hope Jim gets his depth finder working properly.


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