Thursday, March 19, 2015

High Octane!

Apache Junction, AZ  High 88  Low 61

After feeding the girls we headed back up Hwy 101 to Octane Raceway to do some kart racing.

Octane Racing offers high speed kart racing on a 1/3 mile indoor/outdoor track. The electric karts travel up to 45 miles per hour. Each race is ten minutes long and cover over three miles of racing. 20150313_173705

Excitement was running extremely high but we decided we needed some fuel for ourselves and stopped at a 5 & Diner for a bite to eat. Then we headed over to the track where we had reservations for a 4:20 race.

Patiently waiting – notice the wheel stools and table


We signed Jim, Todd and Michaela up for an annual driver’s license and three races. The annual license was $12.95 per person and includes free helmet rental and a t-shirt. The races are then $10 a piece. The only real requirement is that you have to have closed toe shoes in order to race.

Picking out helmets


That’s my boy.


Still waiting


20150313_175627 Got everybody all settled in their cars and off they went. Things started out okay but they went downhill rapidly. Seems there was a group of about six 20-something males in the race who were very aggressive and their whole goal seemed to be to see how much they could disrupt the race by banging into each other and anybody who happened to get in their way.


When the race ended Todd and Michaela and Jim were not happy but we didn’t say anything. They called their second race almost immediately and Jim decided to sit this one out. Driving these karts is very physical and Jim really needed a break before heading out again.


The same group of males was in this race and had enjoyed some beer between the races. This race was even worse than the first one which is hard to imagine. Michaela was extremely upset after the race and Jim said that is enough. He headed up to the desk and had a nice long talk with management.


When the third race was called, the race track personnel gave everybody very strong warnings about their behavior and even stopped one guy from racing because he was so inebriated. They were told if they ran into anyone, they would be kicked out.  

20150313_175636This was a much more exciting and fun race for everybody. And the young men pretty much behaved themselves.

After the race I found out that management had decided that Jim and Michaela would be allowed one more race to make up for the horrible experience they had. Jim gave his race to Todd.


The fourth race was exactly how every race should have been. The drunk crew had left the building and the racers were out there to have fun and drive as hard as they could. Todd and Michaela both got out of their cars with big grins on their faces.


Todd had improved his speed by 5 seconds per lap and Michaela had cut 2 seconds off her fastest lap.

octane racing

By this time we were happy but exhausted. We got to the track about 3:45 and we didn’t leave until almost 9:00. Decided to swing into Wendy’s for a quick bite and that was another disaster.

Wendy’s had turned out the outside lights so we weren’t sure they were even open. Saw lots of cars going through the drive-thru so got in line. I cannot believe how bad they messed up our order. They also couldn’t figure out for sure how much we owed them because Jim and I wanted our free Jr. Frosty’s and they tried to charge us for a small one. Then they didn’t know how to back those out and it was a mess. Finally we agreed on an amount and pulled up to the next window to get our order. No sauce for the chicken nuggets, the wrong sandwich, and they ended up giving Jim and I small Frosty’s instead of the junior size. Todd ran back in to get sauce and we just gave up and went home.

DSCN0728 After eating we all headed straight for bed. More fun tomorrow.


  1. Gawd Todd looks like you.

    Boy you had some bad service didn't you.

  2. My goodness. What a day. So glad the management understood about those jerks. The kids look so happy.

    What the heck is that thing on Jim's head? Is that his helmet? In the 9th photo....hehe

  3. The races reminded me of the old Bumper Cars we used to ride.. But those weren't races. They were there strictly to bump into each other...

    Glad you complained ---and got some 'good' races in... sounds like fun --especially for the younger generation!!!!!! Not sure I would do it... In fact, I'm sure I would not... ha

    Seems like so many fast-food restaurants (even the good ones) give very poor service these days. Nobody seems to have pride in their jobs these days... Sad.


  4. Always somebody has to take the fun out of things. To bad.

  5. Some days you're the windshield, some days your're the bug!

  6. There are idiots everywhere:( Glad you had some fun:)

  7. That kind of young male behavior has gone on since the beginning of time. It's bad when they get together and egg each other on, but mostly they aren't trying to ruin things for everybody else - they just don't see it that way. What's worse is when they get to an age when they should know better. I'm glad they left and you all had the fun you went there to experience.

  8. Too bad about all the mix ups ion one day, hopefully tomorrow will be a better one.

  9. I agree in that I thought they looked like the bumper cars we used to ride in. However, those were there to bump and not race. How nice the management understood the problem and worked to correct it. This is many times the case when young guys get together. Things don't always turn out as planned. Glad they got to enjoy some of the races.

  10. How come you didn't race Sandie? You would have showed all of them up!

    I never, ever use drive up windows because of the issues you had. Standing in line at the counter you get wrong orders too often, but at least you find out right away instead of 2 miles down the road. :c(


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