Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Last Day

Apache Junction, AZ  High 91  Low 63

Scooter was so happy to see Todd.


Skittlez was excited because there might be food.


The Desert Belle on Saguaro Lake. Dianna was on this cruise but they didn’t get close enough to holler hi.


Monday was time to fish. Michaela loves to fish and everybody was excited about getting out on the lake. Made sure everybody had lots of sun block and off they went to Saguaro Lake. I stayed home with the girls again.


They had a great boat ride but no luck with catching fish. Todd hooked a couple of fish but they escaped before making it into the boat.



One other thing we accomplished was to get Todd a Slurpee from 7-Eleven. When he was little his favorite treat was a Slurpee and there aren’t any 7-Elevens in Montana anymore.


Before we went to dinner we needed to do one more photo shoot. You really do need a picture of a Saguaro cactus before you leave Arizona. While we were taking these pictures, the park police drove by and said - “You guys aren’t from here, are you?” and then laughed.

Michaela Michaela1

We went to Los Gringo Locos for Mexican for their last dinner in town. I can’t believe it’s time for them to leave already. They just got here.

todd and michaela

Tuesday morning we were up at 5:00 a.m.!!! in order to get them to the airport for a 7:00 flight.

todd and michaela3This is what exhaustion looks like.

We kept the kids so busy they didn’t even get a chance to use the pool or hot tub. Maybe next time.

Jim and I wanted to take the rest of the day off but we had to take Skittlez back to the vet’s. I’ll make another post to tell you about how she’s doing.


  1. That was over before it began......

  2. Y'all sure did have an awesome time. Not you and Jim need to go on a vacation to get some

  3. Time with family always seems to evaporate so fast!

  4. I can't believe Todd & Michaela are already leaving. Time sure seems to be speeding up!

  5. So much time having fun the tome just flew by, but ya'll had fun. Now relax a bit.

  6. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Now it's time for you to rest.

  7. We're going to have a 10 day visit from Bill's daughter. We'll need to rest up before they come.

  8. You had so much fun. Lots of eating out. We are enjoying our kids too. Sorry no fish.

  9. I'm glad that all are exhausted!

  10. Nice post! I would love to get close enough to a Saguaro Cactus for a photo shoot some day.

  11. It sounds like they had a wonderful time. You guys are really good hosts.


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