Monday, March 16, 2015

Gold Fever

Apache Junction, AZ  High 88 Low 55

Our next stop was at Goldfield Ghost Town.


The kids had a great time wandering through all the shops and buildings.


The Cowboy Church was locked up so we couldn’t go inside.

DSCN0696  DSCN0694

Jim waited patiently for them to wander.


Next up was the trip up to Torilla Flats. We wanted to show them the beauty of the AZ desert especially since it is in bloom with the warm weather we’re having.


Canyon Lake is beautiful.


20150312_172732By the time we got to Tortilla Flats, all the businesses were closed but we enjoyed the gorgeous views (and one not so gorgeous).

Decided on Fatman’s pizza for dinner (everyone said it was great). I had a tuna fish sandwich cause I don’t do cheese. By this time the kids were tired so we sent them off to the Bungalow and we all went to bed. Early start needed for tomorrow morning.


  1. That is one of the prettiest drives for sure. I love the Cowboy Ten Commandments. What a hoot!

  2. Those are definitely must-do for visitors to that area. I can't tell you how many people we have taken to see those same sights.

  3. Jim and you are going to need a vacation when this is over!

  4. Bill's daughter is coming out in May. Can you save your itinerary and we'll just retrace your steps?

  5. Hope you have enough energy to get through the visit with the kids! ;c)

  6. The photo of the two dogs faces that is at the top of your blog, is a very arresting photo. I saw two dashounds here the other day, and I thought it was you at first!

  7. We'll be there at the end of the month. I hope the flowers hold out. Nice to hear about the surroundings.


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